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SenorDoucheoisie avatar 5:47 PM on 08.30.2010
Team FortRonathon: Week 1 Results

One week has passed since I made my awesome declaration of charity for Ronathon 2010, and in that week I've played a decent amount of TF2. Let's look at the results.

Tuesday, August 24

Overall, bleh day. I think the server crashed once because the admin there (i.e. my friend) was being dumb, hence why everyone good basically left halfway in and was replaced by straight up nubs.

Points Accrued: 106
$$$ Raised: $10.60
$$$ Raised to Date: $10.60

Wednesday, August 25

Playing the only decent Medic with people who know what they're doing = a sizable amount of points

Points Accrued: 88
$$$ Raised: $8.80
$$$ Raised to Date: $19.40

Not too bad of a showing for the first week. Definitely going to have to be more serious this week. I'll be playing staring tomorrow night at around 6:30PM PDT, if any of you want to join me.

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