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SenorDoucheoisie avatar 5:52 AM on 08.23.2010  (server time)
Ronathon 2010: Doing My Part for Someone I've Never Met on the Internets

First, a little housekeeping:

-Winners of my previous contests, don't worry, your prizes are coming. I just moved out a couple weeks ago, and shit got thrown around and whatnot while moving. What with having a full time job sciencing, taking care of the family dog, having to pay an expensive-as-hell rent all of a sudden, and generally keeping up a badass appearance and all, I still haven't had time to full organize my room. But rest assured folks, all of your prizes will be trickling out hopefully by the end of this week, end of this month at the latest.

I am one high-maintenance bitch.

-All those people waiting for my other garbage in the mail, as detailed in my previous post, that shit's coming too, just not anytime soon. For one, only like two of you PM'd me your addresses, and secondly, once again, the whole "no time plus everything's a mess" excuse comes into play. You'll get my trash very soon, and if anyone else wants in, the giveaway isn't ever going to end, so comment on that post, send me your address, sit back, and be patient.

Now, the main reason why I've decided to come to the seedy area of Dtoid known as "the cblogs" once again: for those who haven't noticed, the Ronathon All-Star Podcast was posted last week, which, if you're awesome, you should probably download and donate. Details are in the link, but long story short, a rad brah by the name of lv99ron got seriously sick a few months ago and was hospitalized for a depressingly long time. Dude could probably kick Terry Crews' ass* without even breaking a sweat, so naturally, he recovered 100%. Problem is, hospital bills are stupidly expensive, and as you can imagine, dude ended up with mad debt. That's where Ronathon comes in. Created by a few kind souls at DtoidLA, Ronathon 2010 was to raise as much money as possible to help the gentleman out with his exorbitant bills, whilst involving the amazing Dtoid community with some fun shit like sketches, gaming marathons, camshows, the works. It was originally planned to happen on the 21st, but life happened, and things got in the way, so it's been moved back to Sunday, October 3rd.

I'm not so sure I'll be able to make the trek from San Diego to LA for the actual event, but I do know that I have the Internets, some amazing vidjagaems, and a couple bucks in my wallet. Really, that's all anyone needs to participate in Ronathon. There's one game in particular that I've played nearly every other day for a couple hours since the game's been released three years ago, and haven't gotten sick of yet. That game is Team Fortress 2. I'm not saying I'm a big deal at the game, even though I am pretty awesome, but it's the best multiplayer game I've ever played, and I have fun with it every time I play.

You can't spell TF2 without "homoeroticism"

So here's my proposition: from now until October 3, for every point I score in TF2, I will donate 10 cents to Ronathon. Ten pennies might not seem like a lot, but I play at least every Tuesday and Thursday, and average at least 200 points a week. 20 bucks a week for six weeks is $120, which still looks pretty paltry, but every little penny counts.

Even though I'm financially tight right now, I could do without buying a few upcoming games or buying only one growler of beer a week instead of two, just to scrounge up the money to help out an Internet stranger in need. I've never met the guy, but I'm sure he'd do just as much for me.

I'll post weekly updates of my scores, and tally everything up at the end. Depending on what happens with my availability on the day of Ronathon, I'll either stop by and donate one of those hilariously oversized checks (hmm, I wonder if they make them in the shape of a bulging bicep?), or I'll find the as-yet-undetermined Paypal address and donate accordingly.

Either way, I'm doing my part; I hope this post inspires some of you more awesome folks to do something similar, or match my donation, or just throw some cash at the strapping young man. Who knows, he might even strip for a couple singles.

*at Mortal Kombat

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