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I'm some Asian guy with opinions on things that don't really matter. I'm into everything you could possibly imagine, games, toys, surfing, beer, etc etc. If there's anything interesting out there, I'm willing to try it.

I also like recording myself doing awesome things. Here's my Vimeo page, if you're interested.
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So here's the deal: a bunch of my Alcoholobros are coming into SoCal for E3 on June 7-9, and so they thought, what the fuck, why not come down to San Diego the week or so before and spend time with yours truly?

The amount of guests for the entire duration is pretty much decided, but we still don't have specifics on dates or whatever. DanlHaas, Ruckus, ClownBabby, and Diverse are confirmed, pretty much.

ADDITIONALLY, peeps like J-Ro have expressed interest in hanging out with us on that weekend before E3. So I'm thinking that Saturday we can have the first ever DtoidSD NARP or something. Just spitballing here, but mebbe LegoLand, followed by a good time getting absolutely SLOSHED at Stone Brewing, followed by more antics on the beach?

If anyone that's coming in that weekend for E3 or whatever is interested, let your voice be heard! That weekend would be June 3-5.

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