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Senisan avatar 5:36 PM on 04.24.2008  (server time)
Another Introduction Get!!

Sup Dtoid friends, My name is Ferseni. I thought it was about time to introduce myself to the community so I said why not let this be my first blog in fragmented grammar! Although I can not compete with Ms. Davis' spectacular intro, I will do my best! Intro Get!! :)

I've been a a bit of a lurker for the passed year but have just decided to participate more. I frequent the site alot and find everyone on here to be of the cool cat persuasion and I listen to podtoid,retroforce(please give us a NEO GEO episode!), and podcastle every week which are apart of the highlights of my day. As you can see on the right there under my profile, I have a pic with the bot himself at PAX...that day I met Collette and Charlie as well but was tongue bitten..wish i could've expressed my love more for the site instead of just taking a cookie :(

Let's see....ah yes! I've been a gamer since I was 4. I was introduced to the Super Mario Bros by my older cousin and since then I was hooked! On my 5th birthday my mother got me an NES w/R.O.B. (I never figured out how ROB worked but I had so much fun with him!) I was so excited I wanted to leave Chuck E Cheeses immediately to play. Then fast forward a couple of years, yes to the Sega Genesis...Sonic...Streets of Rage...Beyond Oasis...Phantasy Star II...Shinobi III...Trouble many great games. Then came my SNES, when the earth stood still indeed! Bomberman....Final Fantasy III...Secret of Mana....MegamanX...geezis I feel like my head is gonna splode!
To think that my parents would give me an SNES without me even asking for it (we were having money troubles at the time) I felt so spoiled...But things like this do not work in vain for I have become a somewhat successful programmer and strive every day to make my parents proud of me and my choices!

I currently own a Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Nomad, PS3, PS2, XBOX360, PSP, Wii, Gamecube, DS, GBA and I do some PC gaming as well, mostly FPS's & Action(WOW, COH and FFXI had me by the balls at one point). I don't think i have a favorite genre but I don't play sports simulator games at all. The last sports game I played was Tommy Lasorda Baseball on the Genesis. Other than that, I pretty much play anything as long as I have fun and it engages me enough to keep my attention. I recently finished Mass Effect and Patapon, both satisfied me in different ways i can only explain
with expressive dance but that's neither here nor there.

Videogame music is a large part of my musical tastes. I think the soundtrack that captivated me the most was Megaman 2. It was first time I can remember I ever memorized music with no lyrics. I would get on the bus to school and be like duh duh duh duuuuuuuuh duh duh duh du duh duh, thats bubble man. Most recently I found myself listening alot to the Shadow of Colossus OST , Otani did a great job with this one. Btw
there is this website called that allows you to test your knowledge
on videogame music its a great place but doesn't update often.

Wow I didn't expect to nerd out this much...I hope this didn't bore you..i still feel like going on too! but I won't, I have to remain at least somewhat mysterious. Anyways, I hope to make many a friend here and hope to be accepted into the community, thanks for your time homies! peace!

p.s. I drew a Dtoid Megaman in paint as a peace offering... be kind...rewind :)

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