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Senisan's blog

8:02 AM on 02.15.2010

SF4 Valentine's Beatdown starts now!

<3<3Valentine's Beatdown!<3<3 So, it finally begins. Have at it guys! Valentine's Beatdown Forum   read

7:53 PM on 02.12.2010

PS3 Dtoid SF4 Tournament - Valentine's Beatdown

<3<3Valentine's Beatdown!<3<3 What's up guys! I just got back from my awesome snowboarding trip and I'm ready for some fightans! I'm going to be extending the deadline for this tourney to Sunday. ...   read

9:51 AM on 01.27.2010

Dtoid Street Fighter 4 Tournament - Valentine's Beatdown! (PS3)

<3<3Valentine's Beatdown!<3<3 It's about time we had ourselves a PS3 Tournament! With the 360 guys in the midst of one right now, I thought we could also hold one too! Please comment below or get ...   read

10:30 AM on 09.14.2009

PAX Love 2009

I remember when I went to PAX in 2007, I had already been a member of Destructoid for a while. I was aware that you guys were there but I felt like I hadn't contributed enough to even bother going to any of the meet ups that...   read

11:29 AM on 04.10.2009

Destructoid NE Google Group Acquired

Yea, I know I've been a pest lately trying to garner interest but I have some good news. I can finally introduce to you the New England Google Group . The purpose of these groups as you know, is to set up a local community t...   read

1:56 PM on 04.08.2009

Dtoid NE NARP Group: HHNNNG Edition

Hi again! I know I posted about this last weekend but I wanted to see if I can post this midweek to reach out to the weekday readers.I would like to get an idea of who would be interested in a New England Narp Group . So, if ...   read

9:27 AM on 04.03.2009

Destructoid New England NARP Group

Hey there, Dtoid denizen. I've been on this site for 2 some odd years and for a majority of the time I've been a lurker. Well, an occasional FNF participator but really no significant contributions to a site that provides me ...   read

6:24 PM on 02.09.2009

NYCC 09 Karaoke! (Also, Tiny Vid)

Sorry for posting this so late. I got home this morning from NY and then I had to go straight to work! It was such a pleasure to meet some of the editors and community members at karaoke. I wish I could have hung out with you...   read

6:05 PM on 10.29.2008

Video Games Live is coming to Boston!

I just received an email with some great news! "Hi Everyone, We're working like crazy to make our Boston show very special in many ways. We're going to have a lot of local game developers present for our post-show meet & ...   read

5:36 PM on 04.24.2008

Another Introduction Get!!

Sup Dtoid friends, My name is Ferseni. I thought it was about time to introduce myself to the community so I said why not let this be my first blog in fragmented grammar! Although I can not compete with Ms. Davis' spectacular...   read

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