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Senisan's blog

8:02 AM on 02.15.2010

SF4 Valentine's Beatdown starts now!

<3<3Valentine's Beatdown!<3<3

So, it finally begins. Have at it guys!

Valentine's Beatdown Forum


7:53 PM on 02.12.2010

PS3 Dtoid SF4 Tournament - Valentine's Beatdown

<3<3Valentine's Beatdown!<3<3

What's up guys! I just got back from my awesome snowboarding trip and I'm ready for some fightans! I'm going to be extending the deadline for this tourney to Sunday. I was a lazy bastard this week and didn't write up any reminders (boo me!) The matches will start promptly after the brackets are set up. So, hurry and leave your PSN either below in the comments or in our forums!

Valentine's Beatdown Forum

Registration Deadline: 02/14/2010

Participants so far:

Jesus H Christ: JohnTheCrow
Senisan82: Senisan
Casualweaponry: casualweaponry
Bullettrain: RPGEmperor
FlatTopJesus: BonesawIsReadyyy
Avalon: Avalon51
Wedge: Dtoid_Wedge
Haxan: Haxan
Yojimbo: k0wb0y-b33b0p
TheCleaningGuy: TheCleaningGuy
Shinryu: Shinryu108
Squirrelyg: Squirrelyg   read

9:51 AM on 01.27.2010

Dtoid Street Fighter 4 Tournament - Valentine's Beatdown! (PS3)

<3<3Valentine's Beatdown!<3<3

It's about time we had ourselves a PS3 Tournament! With the 360 guys in the midst of one right now, I thought we could also hold one too! Please comment below or get in the forums and post your PSN, availability and timezone!

Make love here.

Registration Deadline: 02/12/2010

-Double Elimination
-3 of 5 Rounds
-2 match wins advances   read

10:30 AM on 09.14.2009

PAX Love 2009

I remember when I went to PAX in 2007, I had already been a member of Destructoid for a while. I was aware that you guys were there but I felt like I hadn't contributed enough to even bother going to any of the meet ups that year; I'm also an extreme introvert. I did see the Dtoid robot and took a photo with him but that was the extent of my interaction with the community.

This year I was going to make it a point to go to PAX and hang out with the community as much as possible! You guys really are an awesome bunch of human beings. I didn't really talk to many of you because I'm so inept in social situations but just being around such an atmosphere has made me feel welcomed and a bit teary eyed. In my walking around, I overheard all kinds of topics ranging from SCIENCE to Tentacle Grape. These relationships created here, I believe, are well beyond that based around videogames and what we have here is something everyone needs in their life...friends. I love you all and would like to put a brown baby in each and every one of you. Until next PAX, my friends.

Brownies unite! We're missing 2 here...

I tried to be THAT guy and succeeded.


I held Gandy and it felt like karate.


So, In Conclusion...

11:29 AM on 04.10.2009

Destructoid NE Google Group Acquired

Yea, I know I've been a pest lately trying to garner interest but I have some good news. I can finally introduce to you the New England Google Group . The purpose of these groups as you know, is to set up a local community to get together for video game or NVGR related shenanigans. It's a great way to have fun with like minded individuals who carry the phrase "Also, C***s" in their hearts. So, join me Dtoiders in creating something wonderful for this here community!   read

1:56 PM on 04.08.2009

Dtoid NE NARP Group: HHNNNG Edition

Hi again! I know I posted about this last weekend but I wanted to see if I can post this midweek to reach out to the weekday readers.I would like to get an idea of who would be interested in a New England Narp Group . So, if you guys are interested leave a comment below, even if you have the slightest bit of interest. I can create a Google Group as well so we can keep in contact to discuss meet ups , events and all that jazz.

Like I said in my last blog post :: Blog Linkage :: I made a forum post some time ago :: Forum Linkage :: which received some responses but nothing substantial enough for an official Dtoid NARP Group. Also, I would like to apologize for possibly pushing down any decent c-blogs today, please forgive me!


9:27 AM on 04.03.2009

Destructoid New England NARP Group

Hey there, Dtoid denizen. I've been on this site for 2 some odd years and for a majority of the time I've been a lurker. Well, an occasional FNF participator but really no significant contributions to a site that provides me with so much joy. I'm going to try to change that a bit and extend a hand to all that may want to show interest in a Dtoid New England NARP group. I made a forum post some time ago :: Linkage :: and received some responses but nothing substantial enough for an official Dtoid NARP Group. So, I thought I could bring that over here to the c-blogs and see if I can get more members in on this.

Are you out there New England?


6:24 PM on 02.09.2009

NYCC 09 Karaoke! (Also, Tiny Vid)

Sorry for posting this so late. I got home this morning from NY and then I had to go straight to work! It was such a pleasure to meet some of the editors and community members at karaoke. I wish I could have hung out with you guys more but I suppose there is still PAX! Anyways, It's not much but enjoy!


I also wanted to throw this in here. In the artist alley I met an artist by the name of Eddie Nuņez. One of the concept artists for DC Universe Online. I was so Impressed with his work that I commissioned him to draw for me....Batman on a Gargoyle!


6:05 PM on 10.29.2008

Video Games Live is coming to Boston!

I just received an email with some great news!

"Hi Everyone,

We're working like crazy to make our Boston show very special in many ways. We're going to have a lot of local game developers present for our post-show meet & greet including people who have worked on BioShock, Guitar Hero, Rock Band and many more.

One very special guest that we have recently confirmed is Ralph Baer. Mr. Baer is known as the person who INVENTED the video game in the 1960's. Mr. Baer doesn't travel much so we are very honored to have him at the show. Not only will he be a part of the meet & greet, but he'll also be bringing with him (and demonstrating on stage) the very first video game system EVER! He calls it "the brown box". In fact, we're going to pick someone out of the crowd to come up on stage and play it with him. The only other brown box that he created is currently being displayed in the Smithsonian Institute. Mr. Baer received the National Medal of Technology for his creation of the video game from the President of the United States. You can learn more about Mr. Baer at his website:

Hope to see you all on November 21st! "


Orchestra (Pit & Rows A-O): $75.00
Orchestra (Rows P-EE): $55.00
Mezzanine: $55.00
Balcony (Rows E-S): $55.00
Balcony (Rows T-FF): $35.00

I have never been to any of the Video Games Live events and I'm definitely going to this one!   read

5:36 PM on 04.24.2008

Another Introduction Get!!

Sup Dtoid friends, My name is Ferseni. I thought it was about time to introduce myself to the community so I said why not let this be my first blog in fragmented grammar! Although I can not compete with Ms. Davis' spectacular intro, I will do my best! Intro Get!! :)

I've been a a bit of a lurker for the passed year but have just decided to participate more. I frequent the site alot and find everyone on here to be of the cool cat persuasion and I listen to podtoid,retroforce(please give us a NEO GEO episode!), and podcastle every week which are apart of the highlights of my day. As you can see on the right there under my profile, I have a pic with the bot himself at PAX...that day I met Collette and Charlie as well but was tongue bitten..wish i could've expressed my love more for the site instead of just taking a cookie :(

Let's see....ah yes! I've been a gamer since I was 4. I was introduced to the Super Mario Bros by my older cousin and since then I was hooked! On my 5th birthday my mother got me an NES w/R.O.B. (I never figured out how ROB worked but I had so much fun with him!) I was so excited I wanted to leave Chuck E Cheeses immediately to play. Then fast forward a couple of years, yes to the Sega Genesis...Sonic...Streets of Rage...Beyond Oasis...Phantasy Star II...Shinobi III...Trouble many great games. Then came my SNES, when the earth stood still indeed! Bomberman....Final Fantasy III...Secret of Mana....MegamanX...geezis I feel like my head is gonna splode!
To think that my parents would give me an SNES without me even asking for it (we were having money troubles at the time) I felt so spoiled...But things like this do not work in vain for I have become a somewhat successful programmer and strive every day to make my parents proud of me and my choices!

I currently own a Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Nomad, PS3, PS2, XBOX360, PSP, Wii, Gamecube, DS, GBA and I do some PC gaming as well, mostly FPS's & Action(WOW, COH and FFXI had me by the balls at one point). I don't think i have a favorite genre but I don't play sports simulator games at all. The last sports game I played was Tommy Lasorda Baseball on the Genesis. Other than that, I pretty much play anything as long as I have fun and it engages me enough to keep my attention. I recently finished Mass Effect and Patapon, both satisfied me in different ways i can only explain
with expressive dance but that's neither here nor there.

Videogame music is a large part of my musical tastes. I think the soundtrack that captivated me the most was Megaman 2. It was first time I can remember I ever memorized music with no lyrics. I would get on the bus to school and be like duh duh duh duuuuuuuuh duh duh duh du duh duh, thats bubble man. Most recently I found myself listening alot to the Shadow of Colossus OST , Otani did a great job with this one. Btw
there is this website called that allows you to test your knowledge
on videogame music its a great place but doesn't update often.

Wow I didn't expect to nerd out this much...I hope this didn't bore you..i still feel like going on too! but I won't, I have to remain at least somewhat mysterious. Anyways, I hope to make many a friend here and hope to be accepted into the community, thanks for your time homies! peace!

p.s. I drew a Dtoid Megaman in paint as a peace offering... be kind...rewind :)


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