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Senger's blog

1:16 PM on 06.20.2009

Killzone 2

Hey I was just making a post to get some of peoples PSN tags that play Killzone 2 with. I just got my copy today off Gamefly, Solgrim should be getting his Monday. I did see the post by Ironpikeman that some of you guys play on Friday Nights I think it was at 9, but I would like to get together and play with fellow Dtoiders.
If you play would you just post something like an @PSN Tag and I will toss you an ADD.

Darrgoth is my PSN Tag   read

11:19 AM on 06.09.2009

Number Crunch, Why do people complain about PS3 Price?

Why? I ask because all the extras you get with the ps3 simply make it worth the already once lowered price, $400 system is an amazing price for what you get, yet people still complain? I will show you what I mean.

PS3-$400 System
Come with a high quality Blue Ray Player drive
40 Gig HDD, 20 Gig bigger than the 360's standard HDD
Wireless Network card built in
Free Net play ( Can't deny Xbox Live is great and has tons of subscribers, but some people don't see the sense into being forced to pay to play online)
Has a Internet Browser built in and has full use of a Keyboard and Mouse.

Xbox 360 Pro- $299.99 System
Normal Dvd Drive
20gig HDD- worthless if you like to download demos and games.
No wireless Network built in and costs $100 to buy it new.
Costs $100 to buy a new 60Gig or a used 120 gig HDD

This is not a PS3 vs. 360 post, I have both systems and support both companies. But you are looking at a 100$ increase but you get alot more for your money. Not to mention when I bought my Xbox 360 for $350 brand new and when it released they had a marked up price, and people was selling them on ebay for $700+.
I do understand ya if they dropped their prices $50-$100 on all the PS3s they would probably fly off the shelf, but you are already definately getting your money's worth with the $400 system.

I also understand we are in a recession and an extra $100 hurts, but if you can't afford it in the first place, do you really even need to be buying a game console in the first place?   read

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