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Smash Bros Brawl FC 0774-3933-9416

Well I'm of a Dying Breed,
For I am a SEGA Fan
been a Fan for most of my life

Asylum Forever!!!

Also me and my bros make Stop Motion Animations using Clay (Claymations)
Rymatch Studios

My Systems
My Wii

Teh 360



Dreamcast We will never forget





Genesis Generations and Addons

The Master System

Nintendo Entertainment System

and the Atari's

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Jon Stewart was playing Tennis on the Big Screen when it came back from commercial

it was Awesome

A Guy thats Selling a bunch of Japanese Master System Games on eBay is also the only person that has also Listed a
U.S. Version Sonic the Hedgehog for the Master System with Box and Manual
...but the BUY IT NOW Price is US $999.95

"I don't really want to sell this item, I just want fans of the Sega Master System to see what one looks like. That is why I priced it so high.


Um........If I wanted to see it, its called Image Search Engines? or he could have uploaded a pic to Wikipedia

But im kinda Tempted to sell some stuff in order to snatch this for my Collection
(one of the few Sonic Games that has continued to elude my grasp)

1:18 PM on 11.15.2007

Me and My Bros have Yet to make a Seqel to High Score as of yet

I Almost Forgot the 1st time I was drawn to this Site was when Mr. Destructoid on YT contacted me to let me know the movie was going to be featured on here