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Segasonicdude's blog

9:14 PM on 02.24.2008

Wiisports on the Oscars

Jon Stewart was playing Tennis on the Big Screen when it came back from commercial it was Awesome   read

5:35 PM on 02.19.2008

Wanna Ruin Some Guys Collection? you only need a $1K

A Guy thats Selling a bunch of Japanese Master System Games on eBay is also the only person that has also Listed a U.S. Version Sonic the Hedgehog for the Master System with Box and Manual ...but the BUY IT NOW Price is US $...   read

1:18 PM on 11.15.2007

Im Lame!!!

Me and My Bros have Yet to make a Seqel to High Score as of yet I Almost Forgot the 1st time I was drawn to this Site was when Mr. Destructoid on YT contacted me to let me know the movie was going to be featured on here   read

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