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Segasonicdude avatar 12:05 AM on 06.26.2008  (server time)
Super Smash Bros Wall?

1st off Whoa Im Back? well Kinda Ive been on Hiatus due to other Internet Sites needing my attention
(Iron Man Movie Group on Myspace has been under Spammer Attack via Danielspengies)

But Now for the Actual Post

A buddy of mine that I know is probably, THE MOST AWESOME DUDE I KNOW! (even though I only call him by his SN MKtheDreamcastGuy.....also a Awesome name)

He Works at a Game Store
Hes a Actual Gamer (More Surprising than you may know)
and He Roxers Teh Boxers when it comes to Art

it turns out he was Commisioned by a Patron of his store to Paint a Mural with a Smash Bros Theme

Thats my Link Whoring for the Day


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