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Segasonicdude avatar 1:32 AM on 06.13.2009  (server time)
Dumb Cheater on a Xbox Live Leader Board

I Think some of the Cheaters on Xbox live are real Dumbasses

as you can tell by my SN Every Achievement Unlocked (12 of 12-200/200) and also on the Points Leader board with 9,999,990 points was ranked at "#33" for the Newest Re-release of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 that was Originally on the Sega Genesis (I think this is the 7th version in my collection) (yes I know get help)

Now That's been the Highest Score Ive ever remember anyone getting in STH3 in every release of it

so How did Username daddywillspanku get 1,561,091,340 making him "#1" on the board all while only having 3 achievements?(Chaotic, Halfway there and Wet Feet)


I Call Shenanigans!!!

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