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Secret Moon Base avatar 11:11 PM on 01.09.2013
Secret Moon Base wants your questions! (Also, new logo for 2013)

Hey! Secret Moon Base is back for 2013 and we're recording a brand new episode tomorrow night! Usually we gather our questions on Twitter but we wanted to give some our non-Twitter friends here on the Cblogs a chance to join in on the fun too.

We won't necessarily be discussing a specific topic tomorrow. We'll just be catching up with each other, maybe talking about some recent news and (of course) answering anything you guys and gals want ask us! It can be videogame related, which is cool, or non-videogame related, which is badass too. Either way, we'll do our best to satisfy your query and you can catch our answers when we post the new episode!

Oh, and we have a new logo now! Corduroy (me) probably spent too long working on it but he (me, again) thinks it turned out pretty good. Anyway, talk to you all soon!

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