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Secret Moon Base avatar 4:37 PM on 10.31.2012  (server time)
Secret Moon Base - Ep.025 "Ballskin Monster" featuring Nihil!

Hello, Destructoid Cbloggers. Happy Halloween! In this, our twenty fifth episode, the Secret Moon Base crew teamed up with everyone's favorite Rape Genie, Nihil, to discuss the only thing that made sense - horror games!

Occam handles the intro this time around and, I must say, does an absolutely fantastic job. Corduroy gets everybody talking about The Raid: Redemption and gives his thoughts on Dishonored. Knutaf explains how pleased he is with the new Dark Souls DLC and gushes about Mark of the Ninja. Nihil confesses his love for all things Lovecraft and gives us the juicy details on the custom Werewolf game he created for the Forums. And that's all before we even delve into our topic! Get comfortable, people, this is a loooong one.

Partly to blame are our wonderful listeners who unleashed a virtual tidal wave of questions onto us this week and we can't thank you guys and gals enough. You are truly the candy to our corn. If you'd like to hear your question answered on the next episode, find us on Twitter: @theSMBpodcast.

Major thanks to Nihil for being a badass guest and thanks to you all for listening!

Ep.025 "Ballskin Monster"

You can stream this episode directly from the link above, or better yet, subscribe to us on iTunes for easy access to all of our episodes. See you next time!

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