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Secret Moon Base avatar 8:52 PM on 04.02.2012
Secret Moon Base - Ep.011 "Dan the Special Ops Guy"

What the hell, man?

Quick! Download this new episode before it gets buried by more awesome 10 things posts!

Looks like a couple of gremlins snuck into Corduroy's router last night and made recording this episode a bit of a pain. Please ignore the awkward rock music segues. Anyway, we powered through those problems and somehow managed to keep our composure. This week we discussed multiplayer games; mainly the differences between local and online.

Come listen to us talk about how people are dicks online and why you shouldn't be a dick online. We also delve into the science behind choosing a gamertag. Side note: we probably should have been called this episode "Juggalo Poon-Hound" but, you know hindsight and all that jazz. Check it out!

Secret Moon Base - Ep.011 "Dan the Special Ops Guy"

Have any questions, comments or concerns? Send us an email at theSMBpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com or hit us up on Twitter, @theSMBPodcast. If that all seems too complicated...comment below! Thanks, guys! <3

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