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Secret Moon Base avatar 7:38 PM on 03.26.2012  (server time)
Secret Moon Base - Ep.010 "Dry Rub Contest"

Not pictured: Denzel Washington

Hello, friendly C-blogs readers! You should give those eyes a rest and beam some happiness directly into your ear holes by listening to this new episode of the Secret Moon Base podcast!

To celebrate our 10th episode, we thought it'd be fun to pitch some videogame ideas to each other. We dug deep into our cerebral cortexes and shoveled out the best ideas we could find. Honestly, there's some pretty promising concepts in here. One in particular (which I don't want to spoil the genius of here) needs to be made. Seriously - if any ambitious indie game developers out there want to bring one of these incredible ideas to life, just contact us. We'll work something out. ;)

Listen as we say "shmup" more than we probably should have, dream up at least one new use for the portal gun, describe how Obama ruins basically everything and maybe (just maybe) talk about some neat games we've been playing lately. Check it out!

Secret Moon Base - Ep.010 "Dry Rub Contest"

Have any questions, comments or concerns? Send us an email at theSMBpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com or hit us up on Twitter, @theSMBPodcast. If that all seems too complicated...comment below! Thanks, guys!

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