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Secret Moon Base says:

Secret Moon Base - Ep.006 "Fiddling nightbear" featuring Stevil!

// Submitted @ 10:07 AM on 02.27.2012

Hey hey! We finally have a proper account now!

For the sixth episode, we turned our attention to adventure games but were in desperate need of an expert's opinion. Luckily, Stevil joined us and (besides nearly getting us killed) we learned a lot! We talked about everything from classics like Sam and Max and Maniac Mansion to modern examples like Machinarium and L.A. Noire. We also answer some listener questions and squeeze a few celebrity impressions out of our Welsh friend. All in all it was a super fun episode! Huge thanks to Stevil for being such a great guest!

Secret Moon Base - Ep.006 "Fiddling nightbear"

If you're new to the podcast, you can find all of our previous episodes in our sidebar. You can follow us on Twitter (@theSMBpodcast) or shoot us an email sometime (, if you like. See you next episode!

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Secret Moon Base

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