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Episode 020 "Emotionally Vulnerable for Journey" featuring bbain & Ian Stocker!

by Secret Moon Base   //   4:46 PM on 07.24.2012

We're back! After what seems like forever, we have returned with a very special surprise for our 20th episode. Not only did bbain make his second appearance but the creator of Escape Goat and the Soulcaster series, Ian Stocker joined us as well! Very exciting!

In this episode, much like "Dry Rub Contest", we had fun pitching game ideas to each other. Since we had a professional around this time, we got some honest feedback and insight on what it takes to actually put a game together. For instance, motion capturing live birds may be expensive and time consuming but, in the end, totally worth it. Good to know.

You can stream the episode directly using the link below or subscribe to us on iTunes and digest them later!

Episode 020 "Emotionally Vulnerable for Journey"

The intro music this time around is from the absolutely stellar Escape Goat OST. If you'd like to check out some of Mr. Stocker's wonderful games, head over to MagicalTimeBean.com or search for them on the XBLIG marketplace. They're definitely worth your time. Thanks again to Ian and bbain for joining us in the Base, especially on such short notice. We had a blast! See you all next episode!

Want to get involved? You can ask us questions on Twitter (@theSMBpodcast), send us an email (theSMBpodcast_at_gmail_dot_com) or heck, just comment below! Thanks for listening!

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