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Secret Moon Base's blog

Secret Moon Base - Ep.023 "All Roads Lead to Poundtown"
8:06 PM on 10.04.2012
Secret Moon Base - Ep.022 "Christian Singles Mixer"
2:46 PM on 09.18.2012
Secret Moon Base - Ep.021 "Enough To Fill a Shortbus"
2:37 PM on 09.07.2012
Episode 020 "Emotionally Vulnerable for Journey" featuring bbain & Ian Stocker!
4:46 PM on 07.24.2012
Secret Moon Base - Ep.018 "Emotional Boner" and Ep.019 "Max Payne, Time Wizard"!
1:13 PM on 06.04.2012
Secret Moon Base - Ep.017 "Where Are You, Stephen?" featuring falsenipple!
10:14 PM on 05.21.2012

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Secret Moon Base is a videogame podcast featuring a few of your fellow community bloggers here on Destructoid. We talk about recent announcements, chat about what we've been playing lately and usually tackle a different videogame related topic each episode.

The Cast
Corduroy Turtle
- Eric @corduroyturtle
- Newt @_knutaf
Occams electric toothbrush
- Hugh @Tee_Ball_Bat

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Episode List
001 Put a Pin In It
- most anticipated games of 2012
002 Harmonica
- the 2012 Independent Games Festival finalists
003 There Is No Santa
- childhood memories w/ Mr. Andy Dixon
004 Candy Corn Soda
- great bits of downloadable content
005 Meatball Hot Pockets
- favorite characters of all time w/ Mr. Andy Dixon
006 Fiddling Nightbear
- adventure games w/ Stevil
007 A Baby Piloting a Mech
- fighting games w/ SteezyXL
008 Sign This Petition...
- growing old as a gamer
009 Swan Fighting Tips
- hype and related things
010 Dry Rub Contest
- pitching videogame ideas
011 Dan the Special Ops Guy
- local/online multiplayer
012 Hobo Wolverine
- favorite weapons w/ Qalamari
013 Beyond the V-Neck
- random talk w/ Beyamor
014 Princess and the Peach
- random talk w/ RachelZG
015 Twelvethy Mathousand
- Super Mario Bros w/ Sean Daisy
016 Kingdoms of Sticklebutt
- favorite bosses w/ bbain
017 Where Are You, Stephen?
- E3 predictions w/ Falsenipple
018 Emotional Boner
- women in games w/ COM 01 & sleepypawn
019 Max Payne, Time Wizard
- JRPGs w/ Browner2008 & LawofThermalDynamics
020 Emotionally Vulnerable... Journey
- game ideas w/ bbain & Ian Stocker
021 Enough To Fill a Shortbus
- PAX 12 impressions w/ too many people
022 Christian Singles Mixer
- console exclusives
023 All Roads Lead to Poundtown
- Borderlands 2
024 Piano Bastards
- big holiday games of 2012
025 Ballskin Monster
- horror games w/ Nihil
026 Space Baptists
- Halo 4 w/ SuperMonk4Ever
027 A Fetching Puerto Rican
- Thanksgiving w/ AngelEena
028 Spitler
- our Best of 2012 Awards!
029 A Human Fiddler Crab
- first episode of 2013
030 Deep Doggin' It
- touchscreen games w/ magpie
031 Onion Domes
- puzzle games w/ Robert Dickau
032 Cell Phone Punk
- listener questions w/ smurfee mcgee
033 Hoisting a Boombox
- Bioshock Infinite w/ Stevil & Wrenchfarm
034 Mustard Captains
- catching up after a long time away

Contact us
Twitter - @theSMBpodcast
Email - theSMBpodcast@gmail.com
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If the header didn't tip you off, this episode is all about Borderlands 2! Seeing that all three residents of the moon base have been logging some serious hours into this lovely game over the last few weeks, it only felt natural to sit down and talk about why we love it so much! We chat about the numerous improvements, reveal our favorite NPCs, delve into the ups and downs of each playable character and maybe even bitch about the map a little.

As always, we saved the best for last with some really great listener questions which helped us round out the discussion. If you'd like to hear your question answered on the next episode, find us on Twitter: @theSMBpodcast. We do our best to answer them all; even the cartoon sex ones!

Ep.023 "All Roads Lead to Poundtown"

You can stream this episode directly from the link above, or better yet, subscribe to us on iTunes for easy access to all of our episodes! It's almost like we're a real podcast.

I hope this makes up for our complete lack of sex appeal.

Hey guys, check this out! You don't have to wait for an agonizing month (or two) for a fresh dose of Secret Moon Base goodness. The crew catches up on their post-PAX activities, what games they've been playing lately and discusses the positives and negatives of the horrifying yet unavoidable terror known as the console exclusive.

Lots of thoughtful listener questions this time too, which is always nice. Plus you get to hear knutaf talk about sandwiches and cranberry juice. Where am I? Heaven?!?!

If you're drinking, you'll have to pour one out for the Carol Burnett Fun Fact segment, as the well has run dry. But throw your computer or iDevice out the window just yet! Instead of silly trivia about some lady no one likes, Occam shares some movie recommendations! The man has impeccable taste so check these out, share them with your friends and you can pretend like you discovered them yourself.

You can stream the episode directly using the link below or subscribe to us on iTunes and digest them later!

Episode 022 "Christian Singles Mixer"

As a special bonus (?), our intro this time is around 13 minutes of the random crap we talk about before we start our official show. Take a peek behind the curtains and watch us get dressed, if you're into that sort of thing.

Want to get involved? You can ask us questions on Twitter (@theSMBpodcast), send us an email (theSMBpodcast_at_gmail_dot_com) or heck, just comment below! Thanks for listening!

It was kind of like this only the people were better looking.

A beautiful thing happened at PAX Prime this year. Late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning, depending on how you look at it), after a long day of video games and alcohol, Corduroy Turtle (me) convinced nearly everyone in hanging out at [redacted]'s house to cram into a room in the back room and record a quick podcast..... on a single Rock Band microphone.

Was this the best idea? Yes. Was it executed flawlessly? Not necessarily. Still, it turned out better than I expected and it was exciting being surrounded by a bunch of my friends. Who would that be? Well let's see - myself, knutaf, Occam's electric toothbrush, Qalamari, Magpie, mrandydixon, bbain, Law of Thermal Dynamics, Beyamor, SuperMonk4Ever, SteezyXL, Fame Designer, Wolf Girl and Colton Phillips! That's a buttload of people!

Come and listen to our impressions of PAX! Thanks again to everyone for entertaining this silly idea such a ridiculous hour.

You can stream the episode directly using the link below or subscribe to us on iTunes and digest them later!

Ep. 021 "Enough To Fill A Shortbus"

You may find yourself turning the volume up in order to hear certain segments better but BEWARE, sometimes a jerk yells into the mic. A thousand apologies for the mic movement sound.

Want to get involved? You can ask us questions on Twitter (@theSMBpodcast), send us an email (theSMBpodcast_at_gmail_dot_com) or heck, just comment below! Thanks for listening!

We're back! After what seems like forever, we have returned with a very special surprise for our 20th episode. Not only did bbain make his second appearance but the creator of Escape Goat and the Soulcaster series, Ian Stocker joined us as well! Very exciting!

In this episode, much like "Dry Rub Contest", we had fun pitching game ideas to each other. Since we had a professional around this time, we got some honest feedback and insight on what it takes to actually put a game together. For instance, motion capturing live birds may be expensive and time consuming but, in the end, totally worth it. Good to know.

You can stream the episode directly using the link below or subscribe to us on iTunes and digest them later!

Episode 020 "Emotionally Vulnerable for Journey"

The intro music this time around is from the absolutely stellar Escape Goat OST. If you'd like to check out some of Mr. Stocker's wonderful games, head over to MagicalTimeBean.com or search for them on the XBLIG marketplace. They're definitely worth your time. Thanks again to Ian and bbain for joining us in the Base, especially on such short notice. We had a blast! See you all next episode!

Want to get involved? You can ask us questions on Twitter (@theSMBpodcast), send us an email (theSMBpodcast_at_gmail_dot_com) or heck, just comment below! Thanks for listening!

Hello Cblog readers! We've got a double dose of fun for you here with two full episodes!

In last week's episode we were joined by two lovely ladies - COM 01 and sleepypawn! We talked about infomercials, Bioshock, Mass Effect, women in games and Hugh's luscious body hair.

In this week's episode we were joined by two burly men - Browner2008 and LawofThermalDynamics! We discussed JRPGs, time manipulation through medication, the Wii U and our mutual love of strategy RGPs!

You can stream the episodes from the links below or subscribe to us on iTunes and digest them later!

SMB Episode 018 "Emotional Boner"

SMB Episode 019 "Max Payne, Time Wizard"

Huge thanks to Browner2008 (apolii90), COM 01, LawofThermalDynamics and sleepypawn for being our wonderful guests! Now excuse us as this blog is forced into the dark depths of page 2 by an avalance of E3 blogs. See you next time!

Like the show but want more? You can ask us questions on Twitter (@theSMBpodcast), send us an email (theSMBpodcast_at_gmail_dot_com) or heck, just comment below! Thanks for listening!

Hey there, Destructoid! We're back from our week off and we have a lovely E3 themed episode cooked up and ready to serve. Our guest this week was the elusive falsenipple who dropped by to share his special brand of trolling with us. He's an alright guy, except for the pee smells.

You can stream the episode from the link below or subscribe to us on iTunes and digest this episode later!

SMB Episode 017 "Where Are You, Stephen?"

0:00:00 - intro >> "Bones McCoy" from the Sword & Sworcery OST
0:04:30 - what Occam has been playing >> custom Prototype 2 torture moves
0:10:00 - absolutely terrible Macho Man impression
0:12:30 - what falsenipple has been playing >> stupid Minecraft duels
0:22:30 - what knutaf has been playing >> mostly just poorly lit ghosts
0:29:30 - what Corduroy has been playing >> the strategy of diving headfirst into gunfire
0:46:30 - Diablo III discussion
0:53:30 - Occam's computer won't run the Secret World beta :(
0:56:30 - this week's topic: E3 2012!
0:57:30 - Corduroy's the only one excite for the Wii U >> "take it to the shitter"
1:08:00 - excitement about Borderlands 2 and the possibility of a 3DS Metroid game
1:18:00 - PC elitists are good at "butthole kissing", according to falsenipple
1:36:30 - are game announcements really "leaked"?
1:40:00 - Corduroy's grandma cried >> of course knutaf makes it sexual
1:41:30 - Tak Fujii is extreeeemely nice >> Mr. Caffeine is kind of a douche
1:53:30 - we create a new drinking game especially for our listeners
1:55:00 - knutaf thinks the Steam Box is definitely a real thing that will be announced.........later
2:00:30 - Carol Burnett fun fact >> subscribe on iTunes

Thanks again to falsenipple for being a wonderful guest and we'll see you all next week!

Like the show but want more? You can ask us questions on Twitter (@theSMBpodcast), send us an email (secretmoonbase_at_gmail_dot_com) or heck, just comment below! Thanks for listening!