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Secret Moon Base's blog

5:25 PM on 12.11.2014

Ep. 037 "A Shot of Vinegar" feat. Wrenchfarm is all about The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth!

Hey, I finally remembered the Secret Moon Base account password. Nice. A few weeks ago, we recorded our November episode, and there was just no way around it - we had to dedicate it to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. We ...   read

7:18 PM on 12.19.2013

SECRET MOON BASE - Episode 034 "Mustard Captains"

Hey guys. I won't bother explaining our recent absence but I would like to apologize for keeping you all in the dark for so long. It feels good to be back! The SMB crew is together again and we picked up right where we lef...   read

3:44 PM on 04.30.2013

SECRET MOON BASE - Episode 033 "Hoisting a Boombox" feat. Stevil and Wrenchfarm!

Secret Moon who? Yeah, it's been a while, folks. You have our sincerest apologies for that. Hopefully your ears are still hungry for our sound-meats because we have a lovely new episode baked and ready for immediate audi...   read

8:27 PM on 02.18.2013

SECRET MOON BASE - Episode 031 "Onion Domes" featuring Robert Dickau!

Howdy, folks! We've got another hefty episode here, ready for audible consumption. Although we were down a man (Occam, our pop culture expert) we were lucky enough to be joined by our Twitter buddy Robert Dickau! He's a ...   read

4:53 PM on 01.28.2013

SECRET MOON BASE - Episode 030 "Deep Doggin' It" featuring magpie!

You wouldn't know it from the title (or the header pic, for that matter) but this week's episode is all about the pros and cons of touchscreen games. Joining us this week is an expert on the matter, who also happens to be ...   read

5:12 PM on 01.14.2013

Secret Moon Base - Ep.029 "A Human Fiddler Crab"

I want Christoph Waltz to read me bedtime stories. Aaaaaand we’re back! Occam, knutaf and Corduroy have once again joined forces and recorded a two and a half hour conversation, just for you! We had been apart for a while...   read

11:11 PM on 01.09.2013

Secret Moon Base wants your questions! (Also, new logo for 2013)

Hey! Secret Moon Base is back for 2013 and we're recording a brand new episode tomorrow night! Usually we gather our questions on Twitter but we wanted to give some our non-Twitter friends here on the Cblogs a chance to joi...   read

6:00 PM on 12.18.2012

The Secret Moon Base Best of 2012 Awards! - Ep. 028 "Spitler"

Hello, Destructoid readers! Can you believe that Secret Moon Base has been around for a year? That's nuts. We started this podcast way back in January and have spent the whole year talking your ear off about the video ga...   read

2:44 PM on 12.04.2012

Secret Moon Base - Ep.027 "A Fetching Puerto Rican" featuring AngelEena!

Let this header serve as a **SPOILER WARNING** for episode one of The Walking Dead game. Greetings, Cbloggers! How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was collectively pretty amazing, filled with great food, family gatherings and...   read

3:50 PM on 11.16.2012

Secret Moon Base - Ep.026 "Space Baptists" featuring SuperMonk4Ever!

Master Chief, unmasked Hey there, Clboggers! For our 26th episode we invited our friend and 360 FNF contributor SuperMonk4Ever into the Moon Base to chat about the biggest Xbox 360 game of the year, Halo 4! Of course, if ...   read

4:37 PM on 10.31.2012

Secret Moon Base - Ep.025 "Ballskin Monster" featuring Nihil!

Hello, Destructoid Cbloggers. Happy Halloween! In this, our twenty fifth episode, the Secret Moon Base crew teamed up with everyone's favorite Rape Genie, Nihil, to discuss the only thing that made sense - horror games! ...   read

2:42 PM on 10.17.2012

Secret Moon Base - Episode 024 "Piano Bastards"

Hey there, listeners. First things first, I should warn you guys about the super weird intro music this week. Sometimes our editor knutaf gets all hopped up on cranberry juice and just wigs out! Beware! (It's actually p...   read

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