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Sebproductions avatar 4:38 PM on 12.12.2011
My Gaming Year In Summary

Oh I'm writing.

So 2011 was a very good or bad year , depending on your opinion LIEK WIT MOST FINGS HHHHRRRRRGGHHHH.

Okay I'm trying to be as serious as a serial masturbator can be...

Fuck it.

2011 was a good year for FPS's as is every other year but more specifically for Battlefield fans . 2011 saw the release of Battlefield 3 . Both critically and acoustically acclaimed. I played the game on a top pc gaming rig so at any chance I got I shouted at my friends "HOW BOUT THAT CONSTANT TEXTURE POP-IN AND DRAW DISTANCE OF 80 YEAR OLD SHORT SIGHTED MAN (my dad). It was an all round fun game. Hahhaha what am I saying I spent about eight hours on that bitches and played 7 hours of multiplayer. I love battlefield I just couldnt take it more than 5 cups of herbal tea in a row.

Zelda also saw a big year in gaming . If your me and poor that is. I played wind waker (uncompleted) , Link to The Past (un/in/oncompleted) and ocarina of time (completed). One of which I have played through before and know like the back of my N64 controller. A bit of rain dropped through my window, I must have done the song of storms AMARIGHT. no I'm not. I've still to play skyward sword all because my brother bought it for my christmas and doesnt want me buying another copy just so I can play it.

Another iteration of call of duty was released and was well received by kids and critics alike. Unless youre too coOoOol for that. I thunk that call of duty has run its journey and should take an arrow to the knee anytime soon. Just shoot me in my lumbar. Which brings me on to my next game.

Yes thats right, I did just continue a paragraph in a seperate paragraph . LIE TO ME. Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Thats what everyone was playing right. Well I played it and its virtually unplayable compared to skyrim. Skyrim is a story about a serial-murder-rapist-pickpocketer-mage-rapist. Or whatever you want WHICH IS COOL RIGHT GUYS. Skyrims okay its just not my cup of herbal tea , I mean I like fantasy and magic shtuff but I prefer skyrim in short bursts rather than an energy drink fuelled playthrough. I prefer to take my time with things. Which is why Im bad at everything...

Now to my GOTY 2008+3 years... I think its probably deus ex 2024 or human revolution if youre not mentally retarded. Its a really fun game , stealth mixed with Dark knight mixed with smoking 50 a day. It makes me feel liek a boss anytime I punch a guy then take cover go invisible CONFUSE THE FUCKS then shoot them with my silenced pistol. So good. Youre asking what I thought of the end of the game. Well here I have to tell you something . See it as my dirty little secret. I didnt actually finish the game which I feel really bad for . Like I feel like crying because I didnt finish it. But I'll make it up to you jim bob Im going to make a c-blog everyday doccumenting my finishing off of Deus Ex :HR.

Thanks for waddling through my bog of writing and hope you will not judge me for my face.

I cant even take what I said seriously . Yeah I know I laughed aswell.

Thanks for reading and gutenbye.

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