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Sebproductions avatar 10:50 AM on 11.01.2011
My Backlog Part uno

So about 2 weeks ago I wrote a BackLog seeing as my back log is unbearable I chose 10 games out off of the list and heres the reviewsss


Fallout is a Post-Apocalyptic isometric RPG action adventure dungeon-crawler. Well thats how I saw it. Players of D&D will love this (as did I) for its isometricness and dice rolley like nature. The game see's you venturing out of vault 13 (DONT CORRECT ME) to find a water chip and you have something close to 130 in-game days to find one and hilarity ensues as you fuckshitup and steal things and be evil. Im a terrible person. Its a pretty good game but some peoples patience will shorten quickly as combat is gruelling and saving is manual.

Lego Star Wars 2.

I think I may have peter-pan syndrome as I love playing "kids" games such as the lego games . For anyone that doesnt know lego games are beat-em ups with a nice shiny lego aestethic and its extremely fun so I dont know why people turn their noses up at fun. Its ye-old star wars in lego . I dont know what else to say other than that. Im also a terrible writer.

Call Of Duty 2.

See wikipedia...

Disclaimer I think I had Bioshock 2 on the list but I think I left it off so yeah I'll review it anyway.

Bioshizzle 2 .

Bioshock 2 consists of you being a big daddy and being nagged at by some woman... Then getting a little sister to steal the blood of any willing blood doner. Its like Bioshizzle but the weapons were better in the original. Graphics have definitely improved since Bioshizzle and the combat is WAAAYYY more fluid and entertaining. Cant wait for Bioshock Infinite now.

Thats all for now . But as I am off school due to sickness I will definitely be doing this at a faster rate.

Bye and what not.

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