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Sebproductions avatar 3:46 PM on 04.30.2011  (server time)
Modern Gaming

Yeah that age old argument of "Modern Gaming" . Its a touchy young subject , but alas us "Hardcore" gamers just hate to love on new stuff no matter what it is . Remember Left 4 Dead 2 and its boycott. Yeah we as gamers are pretty stupid hating on stuff that we dont even know about (Flame Shield Engage) . Ok enough of me rambling and lets get on to some ... rambling.

The modern state of gaming . Well the first thing that pops into my head is "over made FPS games" not saying that modern FPS games are bad I mean I love the battlefield series to death . Its just when ever a conversation happens about Call Of Duty my eyes glaze over and I dont think Im the only one like this I mean c'mon the cod community gets shat on by us " haters" and we only have one thing to blame .Us.and Modern gaming.

iPhone gaming is another thing that pops into my head and god even Ive played angry birds and anything that kids and mums like everywhere. But the only reason it soldalot is because of its simplistic art , its fun nature and its addictiveness. But saying that Angry Birds is a goodgame will make you get stabbed a million times by some 10 year old or journalist. Not aiming that at anyone just saying .

RPG 's are good but was I the only who played FFXIII and only slightly enjoyed it??? I thought it was going to be like FFVII but it was a boring RPG where you walked alot *CLIP CLOP CLIP CLOP CLIP CLOP* yeah the sounds still in my head.

I dont know maybe its just because I'm still nostalgic *FIX IT* about when me and my brother finished Ocarina Of Time or when we both played GoldenEye to no end and got shouted at alot because we never tidied our rooms and how all of our friends had PC's and we didnt because we were poor and then we finally got one and all I played was Age of Empires and Age of Mythology (Those two names are probably incorrect but roll with it) I hope Im not the only one like this or gaming would be a really annoying place with ugly people like me talking about hating something
Thanks for reading , but seriously were you that bored????

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