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Sebproductions avatar 5:14 PM on 12.05.2011  (server time)
General Blargh

I'm bored.

Warning. In this 'ere c-blog there will be incosistent spelling ,grammar,jokes and punctuation but like hey what.

So I'm looking forward to christmas. Its weird for me . Snow happened while I was in school and everyone was like "SNOW" and I was like "SnOw" . I spoke to a girl today. I called her a hoe but bitches be crazy am I right. I wouldnt know cos I never speek to girls

The other day I was baby sitting but the weird thing is the kid came over to my house. He played with my childhood lego sets and he played on my wii. He was fat and didnt want to eat the salami and cheese sandwich I made for him . I touched meat. He didnt eat . His name was pete ( paul ) and he smelt like feet.

I hate the way I write which is why I rarely talk to girls . Because whenever I talk to girls I have to construct a sentence rather than be like " MY LEVEL 6703 ICE MAGE DIED LAST NGHT" but bitches be hatin on me and often when I talk to a girl she stares into space , making me think I should stop talking and sleep. Or stop drop and roll.

Someone told me that I should stop comparing myselg to others. Actually they said " BRAH YOU LIKE A GEEK SO GO AWAY" which made me think that. No it didnt.yes it did not.

In my english class were watching a film called skellig . Its about suicide or something but me and my friend got in an argument about one of the actors in it (I jyst said I had a friend) I thought he looked like that guy in sherlock, not sherlock but watson. On the other end of the ZX spectrum we have my friend who thought it was that guy off that show about mars. Cool people will know who Im talking about its called 30 second to mars or some cack like that. Its a tv show. I said that.

I can see my copy of links crossbow training from where I'm sitting.

I got ridiculed today in Physical Education by a guy . I also hate movement that doesnt involve me getting something out of it. Like getting food. I'm actually not fat just extremely lazy. I swear Im not fat.

Thanks for loathing/reading this here brain fart.

Guten bye.

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