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Sebproductions avatar 7:30 PM on 01.01.2012  (server time)
Gamer Girls . The Lack Of Them.

So I'm a nerd. If you didn't know already on which you're probably new to reading my drivel.

Dungeons and Dragons
Fantasy Books
Sci-Fi books
Video Games that are made by Nintendo ...

Just some of the things that I like . People usually don't like stuff like I do.

* just so you know I writ like three paragraphs but I backspaced them into the sky . They were abit like that whole blog I wrote that was about me not getting to talk to those are like not there. But the stuff that is written below is about me talking to girls. And failing. And losing faithsss.

This is the bit about gamer girls. Gamer girls are very rare especially in the real life. If this is just me please just tell me. When I was around 11 a thing called the Internet was around. The Internet opened my eyes to girls that actually game. In real life if I hear a girl talking about a video game it's usually something her boyfriend showed her. COD. The least said the better

. A girl I got kind of close to ( a girl that actually let me talk to her without her shouting EWWW) would usually talk about how she played kinect . I once told her about portal and told her about the physics and the humour and the story if I remember she said " That sounds boring" . She's now got a boyfriend and I don't really talk to her. A good place to start is Portal .Girls like portal , I found this out by talking to girl(s).

I only really talked to three girls about portal . The second girl I talked too plays Bejewled. And she's a massive bitch. The third one doesn't need a mention. Because.

I tried to make girls listen to me about nerd shit I like. I once even talked to a girl I sit next to in geography about my D&D character yorrick. She nodded her head and giggled. I can't bring myself to speak to her. I'd probably just embarass myself.

I don't get out much . I think that also harms my ability to speak to people nevermind girls. I mean I can speak to girls. But god fucking help me when I can grow a pair and ask a girl if she wants to go out and grab a coffee. Most girls I know don't like coffee. People hate you seb. People hate me.

THAT WAS REELY HAPPY . I'll add some smiley faces just so you don't laugh at me too much and more at the similey faces.


Thank you for reading.

Don't care too much.


Sorry there's no tags for this I get confused sometimes. I'm actually quite smart. Just out of place.

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