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Sebproductions avatar 9:58 AM on 08.15.2011  (server time)
From Afar:Bioshock 2 (New Games Review Type Thing)

To kick things off Im going to explain this 'From Afar' series I'm doing. Basically instead of actually playing the game I will be watching someone play it , most of the time it will be my brother other times it may be a friend. Then I eventually get round to playing it my self seeing if it's better than it looks (or worse).

Lets start :Bioshizzle 2* a FPS adventure game for PC(reviewed),xbox 360 , PS3.

I have played the first Bioshizzle* and thought it was a competent "shooter" with small horror elements and a captivating story it was about a jazzed up smack-head who killed the nasty jazzed up smack-heads , hilarity ensues when ^SPOILER ALERT FOR BIOSHIZZLE* ONE^ an irish guys family like dies and then turns out he isnt irish and is actually an buisness american type with giant muscles , then you kill him.

Anyhoo Bioshizzle* 2. The game starts out with you Lawrence Fishburn being told that you should shoot yourself so you do , then you lose your little sister (except from she's not little and human(ATLEAST I THINK FUCK OFF IF IM WRONG)).Then you go on an epic journey through Rapture a place where jazzed up smack-heads try to kill you and sometimes succeed . Combat looks like it has been improved by allowing you Lawrence Fishburn to hold both a gun and you're hand up like your a primary school kid so you can plaz him up and shoot him down . Thats going on a plaque.

Its visually identical to Bioshizzle *1 . Actually I cant tell because I played Bioshizzle* on Xbox 360 and Bioshizzle 2 on PC so they look similar. The atmosphere has the same feel and the nasty jazzed up smack-heads are identical and act the same as they did in the 1st uno.

From the looks of it Bioshizzle* 2 has changed the hacking minigame AND BY GOLLY-FUCKING-GOD IT LOOKS WAAAYYY BETTER . A ticker goes from side to side and you press a button (SHUT UP ,I WASNT PLAYING) when it goes over a green part of the box thing , if you hit the blue you get a bonus so hip-hip hoo-friggin-way.

I think this game deserves 8/10 
From the looks of it anyway.

Stay tuned for part 2 when I actually play the game , hopefully it will be done in under 3 days as tommorow I go back to school so my productivity will be held back slightly oh well pip-pip cheerio good bye for now:D

* For anyone that watches Storm Dains series of "Adventures" in his series GISHAOTYA he called bioshock ,Bioshizzle so yeah ,understood ???

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