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Sebproductions avatar 11:54 AM on 07.31.2011  (server time)
FarCry2: why realism is an okay thing

FarCry 2 , a game set in africa . A continent of war. Well in Farcry's case .

Disease: In Farcry 2 you are burdened by malaria A REAL LIFE PROBLEM *ahem* in which the player gets fatigued and cannot run or jump for a prolonged time , you as the player also have to get pills to keep the malaria at bay (slightly anyway) in which you deliver stuff to people with pills.

By now you're probably getting bored and are going to the toilet but I'm going to start talking 'bout GUNS AND VIOLENCE AND WAR , the good stuff.

Crime: Farcry 2 is set in Africa where between malitia and gangs has allways been a real life problem for people in Africa. My mum and dad lived in South Africa where gun crime, gang wars ,murder,rape and virtually any crime you can think of happened , my dad's stereo in his car was nicked with the wind shield off of its hinges , my mum and dad had to hide in a cupboard many a time due to gun men pondering the street , so Im not exactly an expert in Africa but I have an extremely rough idea of what it was and is like. Back to the game , two governement type factions both with the same idea of killing and thriving ( probably the worst ever explanation of anything EVER) you're tasked with the choice of joining one or you can be with both.

Combat: Farcry 2 a shooter at heart (PISS OFF IT IS) has a very good selection of weapons all quite prone to jamming (realism) and not quite accurate , pretty realistic if you ask me :D. When you're health gets lowered a good amount you can "heal" yourself , this is basically picking a bullet out of a limb or poking it out with a finger . I'm no expert on bullet wounds but its pretty realistic that you take it out with a knife or a screwdriver or whatever , also syrettes can be used to heal your character.

Another game that tries realism is Operation Flashpoint , a realistic modern war shooter where one bullet deaths are often I both love and hate this due to dieing because you're retarded team mates cant shoot targets more than 2 feet infront of them .

My final verdict . Realism , good in small doses... LIKE OPIUM

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