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Sebproductions avatar 1:26 PM on 07.28.2011  (server time)
Broadband rant,Battlefield3 beta,being called a hipster and pokemanz

Second things first: FML

First things second never get BT total broad band internet especially if you have more than 3 people who use the internet alot. They say its unlimited but its more like a gigabyte limit a month. IT SUCKS .

3rd thing : IM IN THE BATTLEFIELD 3 ALPHA BETA .But as mentioned up tharr^^ my internets being as slow as road works its gonna take 31 hours to download also origin isnt that bad its basically EA download manager and it looks like it should be on a mac.

I got called a hipster in a bookshop today , I suppose I was wearing my Jimi Hendrix t-shirt and I was buying Cowboys and Aliens , Walking dead vol.3 and a banksy book.He looked fairly hipster him selfif I was being honest and also I dont think that saying "Wow you seem like a hipster" is good customer service.

Hey pokemanzz. This is what Im going to talk about the most as I just bought Pokemon Black today.
Pokemon ,where to start maybe with me saying about my first time. well ok I was young I had a gameboy , I bought leaf green got about 20 pokemon then the cartridge vanished into existence , which brings me to today. I was in game 30 and Game Reward Card in hand walked up to the DS section grabbed a copy and reg is my uncle so he touched me then I played Pokemon Black for about 3 hrs .B-B-B-BREAKDOWN TIMMEE!!!

Sound: the sound design in pokemon is chirpy but very accented or some other word like that . The musics a very good fit and most of the sounds hasnt really changed since soul silver , how would I know I only played it for like 40 mins . All in all 8/10

Graphics: A great bit of the graphics have been upgraded but it still keeps that "2D sprites with 3D -ish buildings" type thingey the sprites feel a bit more updated and so does the animation so 9/10

Story: Not much to say here other than EVIL TEAM HATE NEWBS TAKES POKEMANZZ OF KIDS AND EATS SHIT 6/10

Last but definitely not least
Gameplay: Turn based RPG -'em ups are my favourite genre so dont hate on teh bias. Battles flow smoothly . Its fun,addictive ,fun and enjoyable. Abit hard in places and some pokemon will have you ripping your eyeballs out then putting them back in BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO DEFEAT YOURE OWN FUCKING BEST FRIEND D8< then getting killed then put back to a poke center and URGH FUCK YOU CHEREN (Or whatever thou name shalt be) ehrm 9/10

Pokemon :Weird, quirky and resemblent of real life beings . Some are just fucking creepy though theres one thats basically a human face on a smooth blue tape worm , theres one thats basically a rock covered vagina . THERES ALSO ONE THAT IS AN ELECTRIC FUCKING UNICORN AND HE IS A SEXY BEAST. So yesh 9/10

Over all as a pokemon lover 9/10 as some one who has never played pokemon before 8/10 and for me 9/10 (even though it doesnt add up) so yeah bye people be sure to hate if you want and also boobs and stuff

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