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A couple of days ago I posted a blog about how I (AYE) never meet gamer girls. YOU ALL HATED IT. I mean I hated it. But CMON .

Thank you for reading it and thank you if you enjoyed it atleast a smidge.

One of the points in the blog was that people hate me. The majority of you hated it .

I'm sure if I were you

I would have hated it . And would have proceded to punch my keyboard and tell my alternate universe self that you're shot at writing. Ahem.

Since then I played MW3 with a friend. That game is hated by many of many people. I thought and think it's a well rounded game and was fun.

Things I Like:

Being A Cock

Things I hate:
Annoying People
A small Minority of Valve Fans
Minority of Blonde Girls
Any Physical Activity
And going out side.

My hate list is bigger than my like list . But dont take my word for it. Ask yourself , when was the last time you were angry at another gamer??


See I'm angry just writing this. Nope I'm not angry I'm just ticked off that someone can call me a retard over the Internet then go on to write utter shit . Sorry if you can point out that I'm talking directly about you but you did act like a bit of dick and weirdly enough I don't think I was being that much of a cock so you can probably see why I'm pissed off to the end of my tether.

So yet again thank you for reading(hating) and or liking my shit smear of a writing I did.

Let me just define another problem I have. My idea of a cblog is roughly written and not to be looked at for grammar,spelling or characteristics. So fuck not you.sorry.I love you. Baby.

Sorry about that and all that swearing how bout that guys

Ok last thing write the most hateful comments you can and I'll tell you if I cried or not. Go ahead. WRITE

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