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Sebproductions avatar 4:44 PM on 03.12.2012  (server time)
Animal Crossing Thus Far

I dont think I'm good at writing , but I'm here (again) to write a thing about a thing...

Animal Crossing is a game I have never actually bought with my own money. I always borrow it from
People . Mostly because I'm poor... But also because it's a top game.

List of good things bout animals crossings

Charming Characters
Wastes time
Dont know

I dont fucking know why I enjoy Animal Crossing I mean its fun , but it's everything that doesnt annoy me in one place and its so fucking tranquil and quiet and calming.

The soothingest thing ever it's literally the best stress reliever.

I had a bad day at school because I said stuff about soldiers and then got called "saddo".

So I went home and played animal crossing and bought a shovel and buried it. Then when I come back from school I will dig it up and have a golden one. Then I ate a whole bag of vegetarian haribo's and made some constellations. THEN I CAUGHT SOME FISHES AND BUGS. I really think that Animal Crossing Lets Go To The Paradise City Where The Grass is Yellow and The Girls Dont Talk To Me Because I Am A Nerd................ Jesus christ.

I'm tired of the same run of the mill shooter, strategy game , RPG , adventure game , sidescroller , Rhythm Game and driving game.

It's different and peacefull . I really want a 3DS just so I can get Animal Crossing . I really think that they should have an Animal Crossing clone on the PC so I can mod the fucking tits off of it.

The simplicity of the controls also is very attractive and pick up and play.

I dont think I have ever been in such suspense for my little bag of polygons to get a bigger house.

The graphics and presentation are "CuTe?????????" and beautiful very cartoony and every game should be like it.

If you havent played Animal Crossing you should . If you dont like it YOU ARE A RACIST...

Thanks for reading and sorry for all the grammatical incosistencies (<SPELLING MISTAKE) and spelling mistakes.

Thanks lol bye

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