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So whats going to be my first topic?? well obviously (Seriously Not That Obvious)* itís going to be the news that mobile developer Brian Meehan from Sourcebits said: ďThe world is changing and fast. Angry Birds is the worldís new Mario Bros. My kids will never own a DS or PSP. They have everything via smart phones and tablets. When I travel, I love to walk from the back of the plane to the front and see what people are doing on their devices. Not surprisingly, itís mostly games. I particularly see a lot of Angry Birds on iPhones and iPads. Not just one or two, but ten to 15.Ē Okay so first my argument. Super Mario Bros. (The NES original) was a new fresh new experience for children and adults in the 80ís the vibrant graphics were amazing at the time it provided hours of entertainment where as Angry Birds is just a mobile game which people of all ages play but my main argument is that angry birds isnít an original idea , This is that big of a deal seeing as the modern grey FPS era of gaming has sunk in to every 8-17 year olds brain (I am in this bracket but do not play that much FPS games) Angry Birds is a clone of Crush the castle a flash game that has a good following .But even more I think that Super Mario Bros. was more of an original than Angry birds is to this day . My agreement on the subject is that Angry Birds has a very big following for 5 year olds and 40 year old mothers everywhere I have the game and can agree that it is a good game. But me the Hardcore Gamer that I am itís just WAAAAYYYY too casual for me (I sound like an idiot now donít I) itís just not my thing I prefer the platforming of Mario to the murdering of pigs In angry birds.

Well thatís me finished but yeah I sorta left that hanging on a thread didnít I
Its old I know just bare with meh as I have more of the same rubbish I produce for the extremely bored person who's actually going to look at this

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