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Sebbo's blog

11:29 AM on 04.02.2013

GERMURRICA - a new show on Streamtoid

Hey fellas,
some of you probably dont know me, i dont comment very often here, but i am more productive on Dtoid's other end, the Dtoid Twitch community. A few weeks back, i joined the fellows of Streamtoid (Dtoid's second Twitch channel) with my new show "Welcome to Germurrica".

I never posted a blog article here on Destructoid before, so i thought "Why not posting about my show there?" so here i am, writing boring stuff and shit.

First of all, what does "Germurrica" even mean? I think the word ist simple enough to see that its a combination between "Germany" and "murrica" the "short/memed version of America". The meaning of it is pretty simple: I am a German fella who likes to talk English and is streaming for a blog which is located in America - you do the non existing math and you got it.

The contents of the show is similar to all the other shows: I play games, currently i am playing most of the singleplayer PC games of the mid to late 90's i never finished. Such as System Shock 2 or Deus Ex 1 and so on. And my backlog of these games piled up so that i will keep going this route for a while.

So if you guys are interested and have nothing to do at tuesdays and thursdays 10AM PST just come to or

If its not your thing, no problem. There are plenty other awesome casters on this channel aswell sending on different timeslots during the whole week, trying to give you the best entertainment in gaming on Twitch. So tune in!

- sebbodes


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