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Seanus is a sad gamer. :(

Okay, I'll set the scene... Finished my last uni exam on Tuesday, and had the rest of this week, and next week of holidays, before I have to go back to uni for a two week 'holiday' unit. And due to losing my job earlier in ...


Resident Evil 5 for Wii! ... Wait, what?

Over at Kotaku, the guys have recently posted a series of instances that have confirmed, then denied, then confused everyone about the existence of Resident Evil 5 on the Wii. As in the post, it could be a simple confusion between Dead Rising and Resident Evil, but it certainly opens a can of worms on the matter.


Pikmin 3 confirmed!

Nintendo just finished their Developer Roundtable Discussion and a slight flicker of life has emerged from the corpse that is Nintendo's E3 08 showing. The roundtable discussion mainly concerned itself on the games that we...


Through the Fire and Flames FC'd. God's head explodes from awesomeness

Quite possibly the hardest Guitar Hero song has officially being "FCd." The special honors go to Iamchris4life, for reaching this milestone. Official thread at Score Hero Crazy! Interesting things to note: "One" is the only song on Guitar Hero 3 yet to be FC'd on Expert. Through the Fire and Flames is also yet to be FC'd on Hard. :\ Edit: The video is now available for you to see here


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

They say the black version of anything is usually better. And in the case of the Turning Point rig, and my grey/white one, it holds true. But we're here to talk about my average rig. Seanus' Gaming Rig's Interests - Havin...


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