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Sean Daisy avatar 12:08 PM on 07.01.2011  (server time)
This Blog: Special Edition

Hey guys. Enjoying this blog? Yeah I suppose you might be.

Ever thought, though, that you may have wanted more? You know, the definitive blog experience?

I thought so.

That's why I've painstakingly created a blog just for you. Sure, it costs significantly more, but when you consider the extras I guarantee that you will be screaming "better value!", or at very least screaming something.

I present to you This Blog: Special Edition:

Captivating, isn't it?

Sure, it's a lot to take in at once, so let me give you a run-down of the extra features you will be getting for your extra spend:

Heavy, durable carry case

You're paying a premium, so you expect a nice big fat case to prove you've got your money's worth. Naturally, with a case this size, there's no point in being subtle, so the sides are entirely taken up with pictures of my face.

It's certainly a conversation starter. Jam this hefty box on your shelf and you'll be the envy of your relatives at Sunday dinner, as you show them this great lump of stainless steel that could have comfortably housed 15 other cases back-to-back! I've thrown tennis balls at this thing and they bounce right off with a nice, noisy clang. Tell me; do you get such a cool noise when you throw a tennis ball at your plastic cases? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Discs upon discs, filled with hours and hours of commentary and features

Hey guys, ever wonder about Sean Daisy, or the work that goes into a blog?

If I weren't me already, I'd agree with you.

That's why with This Blog: SE you get an armful of discs, absolutely filled to the brim with commentary, special features, a "making of" documentary, concept art, music from and inspired by the blog, recorded episodes of Thundercats that I found on an old video cassette in the attic (you need to fast forward through the adverts) and photos of my day out at Windsor Safari Park.

I mean, you've got hours, if not days, of content here. Some of you may find this to be unnecessary fluff when all the quality goes into the blog and you don't really need to witness first hand all the hard work that went into it. Those people are wrong, and risk their mistaken brains from missing out on finding out what food I like to eat when blogging or how often I need to feed my cat if I'm writing up a blog first thing in the morning. These are important facts in getting the definitive experience.

Limited edition frisbee

I mean, yes, it's a frisbee with my face on it, if you're going to get cynical about it, but it's limited edition! That means only a finite amount of these frisbees were made. It should help the Special Edition really catch on. (Get it? "Catch on"?... Let it sink in for a moment. There you go.)

Cardboard mask

Whilst reading the blog, why not put on your Sean Daisy mask complete with cut-out holes for easy viewing? A fun thing to do would be to put on the mask, and read the blog pretending you are Sean Daisy reading over a final draft! Please don't use it for criminal or anti-social activities though; I could really do without that kind of publicity.

Extra content not found in the main blog

What's better than the amount of content that was destined to make it in the main blog as a cohesive experience in its own right? More content of course!

Have you ever glanced at a blog title and said "I need more of this particular blog, even though I haven't read the blog yet!" Well, you get all the extra content free with the Special Edition! This offer is only going to be available as downloadable content to people who only check out the main edition later, after which they can find out if it's worth getting hold of. The fools.

But let's face it, why wait when you can have it now, and it may be worth it! The sensible choice is obviously the Special Edition, because you can't download a frisbee, a mask and a big metal case, can you? Not yet, anyway. We don't have the technology.

I know what you're asking. If the Special Edition is so amazing, why not make that part of the main edition? Well, sadly, we live in a world where some people just want to read the blog, and that's fine for chumps, but real winners like you and me know that the Special Edition is the choice of the true Sean Daisy blog fan, and the moment you put on your cardboard mask, hurl the frisbee at your friends, and point out that Sean Daisy likes tomato ketchup, they will be remorseful of their inferior status, and bow before you as their king.

At very least, it should tie you over before the Blog of the Year Edition comes out.

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