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Oh hey guys! How've you been? Oh yes I've been pretty busy now. Just lost my job though, so as I've now got a bit more free time on my hands I thought I'd catch up on some gaming news and...

Wait a second. It's all kicking off regarding a story about a gaming convention that is friendly toward those that like to be intimately acquainted with the genitals of other beings their own gender, causing dun dun dunn controversy?

On the internet of all places, the vast conglomeration of computers and computational devices singing the song that joins the world in harmony and love and peace?

I can see why some people find a gay gaming convention baffling though! HAR HAR! They'll be wanting their own drinking establishments next! And the right to vote! What a world, eh?

On with the comments, my cheeky angel-faced deviants.

From Could this be a Prince of Persia reboot screenshot?

Good idea, but "I want" doesn't get, Isay Isay. So rude. So fucking, fucking rude.

From Classy post of the day: Dead or Alive 5 box and swimsuits

Put them together though, and you get cheesebeefcake. Who's going to eat that? No-one, that's who.

From Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer revealed

I waited for the shitstorm but the shitstorm never came. I'm still not taking my shitstorm kagool off though, because it's pretty.

From PS3 PlayStation All-Stars will support arcade sticks

You're right, but don't ask questions; just drink in the super-hot Latin American goodness.

From Kamiya: PlayStation All-Stars is just an immoral rip-off

Yeah, and I'm sure EA are getting ready to ask Zynga to collaborate on a mobile Sims game ohnowait class action lawsuit. Oh well.

From Final Fantasy VII PC slipped out early, later pulled

To think that Paula Deen's pen touched that...I mean the photo, not OET's dick. Hell, her pen could have touched OET's dick too. If they're both consenting adults and it's a free country, why not?

From Hints at Valve's Source 2 engine found in Filmmaker code

You can tell that Vic was making that first bit up because there are enough Valve fans who have stood on their head, spun round ten times and pleasured themselves furiously to Gabe Newell that we would be well past the "rumor" stage right now, and well into the "established fact" stage.

From God of War, inFAMOUS, Ratchet all getting PS Collections

Hey Tris, they're putting TaleSpin in Kingdom Hearts 3!

Just kidding! Here's some Imagine Babies 2 news for ya though: More babies, still no weapons. Hope you likey!

From Review: Persona 4 Arena

Thanks for the new name for my penis, Shred!

From Emotional Reaction and New Genres Built 1 Sprite at a Time

I've written you guys a song, and it goes a little something, *picks up guitar* like this:




Still work in progress? Still work in progress.

From The importance of a gay gamer convention

Will someone please think of the 12 year old gay tranny black dog alien children?

From Review: Deponia

Let me just look that up for you types "Fire Emblem 3DS NA release" into Google

Ah, here we go: It says: "Allistair Pinsof is not your fucking games release date butler. If you want to find out, look it up yourself. If you can't find it on Google, ask Nintendo; the company that makes the actual game. Thank you!"

Anybody notice the lack of forums/social media comments? Me too. Well, I couldn't be fucked. Enjoy the blog love you bye!

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