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Scroll avatar 7:56 AM on 10.13.2010  (server time)
Quick Thoughts: Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Also known as What on earth is that? It’s chasing me? Oh god oh god oh god.


Admittedly I have yet to complete this game purely due to terror, and while I have plenty of time yet to play this game, I’ve already put in over 10 hours. Most of the hours played have seen me hide in the dark in the hope that I won’t be murdered horribly. This game is a testament to what a developer on a limited budget can truly achieve in the horror genre. There are no preconceptions due to being attached to a large franchise and no publisher pushing for an easy to use combat system.


This game is the culmination of Adventure games and Horror games. An intriguing story told through diaries, flash backs and through the character of the environment. While being heavily inspired by Lovecraftian elements with sanity being an ongoing concern and occult themes being visited numerously, the game also carves out its own personality with scenes of torture and wretched monster designs that prevented me from progressing many a time.


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