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Ladies and worms, I present to you, 8 Variations of the Iron Man DVD, each with its own exclusive. Here is the article with added pictures..

"On September 30th, Paramount Home Entertainment will release the critically acclaimed box office smash IRON MAN: 2-DISC ULTIMATE EDITION on DVD and Blu-ray!

With this release comes EIGHT fantastic retail exclusives! Below, you will find details and article work on these eight exciting, exclusive offers!

Here are the details for these Eight Exciting Retail Exclusives:

**Circuit City - Access to exclusive Marvel Digital Comics featuring the artwork of Adi Granov.

**Best Buy - Custom Lithograph created by Marvel artist Gerald Parel.

**Target - Target Deluxe Edition includes exclusive Mark III mask packaging. Available on both the Ultimate 2-Disc Edition and 2-Disc Blu-ray.

**Costco - Giftset includes the Ultimate 2 Disc Edition DVD and 3 Iron Man Bobbleheads, with all 3 Iron Man suits from the film. Giftset includes the "Battle Damaged Mark II", available exclusively in this giftset at Costco.

**Walmart - Two exclusive SKUs. Ultimate 2 Disc Edition packed with an exclusive comic book chronicling the Nick Fury story. The single disc giftset is packed with the 1st episode of the new Iron Man animated series.

**Kmart & Sears - Save $5 on the Ultimate 2 Disc edition with any $25 Craftsman purchase.


**Trans World - FYE and Suncoast Exclusive Steelbook Package available on the Ultimate 2- disc Edition.

**Borders - On pack collectible book featuring original sketches by Bob Layton and the top 24 comic cover of Iron Man.



And to make this video-game related..

This brings on the issue of how much is too much? Same issue can be applied with Video Games in general. How many SKU's should be allowed throughout a console's life time, this does not include redesigns as they do not hinder any performances or have one advantage over the other.

Also, Limited/Collector's Edition are expanding in size and price. First it started with Halo 3 with it's Legendary edition but now that's been over taken by Gears of War 2 Collector's edition priced at $140. And I believe Mirror's Edge and Dead Space have some of their own priced at $130 and $150 respectively.

While more options and goodies are always a plus, don't you think it's getting out of hand?


So which Iron Man are YOU getting?

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