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Sorry this is too big (that's what she said). Just open the picture in a new tab to see the whole thing <3

SteamID & XBL Gamertag: ScottyGrayskull


Hello! <3

Bit about me. I've been a gamer for the most of my life. When I was seven and waiting for my parents to pick me up from piano lessons, the teacher's two sons showed me Super Mario Bros 2. Needless to say I never learned to play the piano very well...

I've flip-flopped several times between consoles and PCs. I generally love non-generic FPS games, puzzlers (Tetris is probably my favourite game of all time) and platformers of all shapes and sizes. I tolerate RPGs, but usually don't bother because I just don't have the time to invest in them.

I'm one of those freaks that regard FF7 and Ocarina of Time as merely average. That might be partly because I'm biased against the first round of 3D games that generally looked and played like crap compared to the 2d games at the time (during that generation I was a PC gamer, where they actually could do decent 3D at the time). By no means are they bad games, but plenty of games have done just as well and actually looked good in the process.

Yeah yeah, graphics aren't everything. But as important as gameplay is, looks still matter. It doesn't have to be the best looking thing around, but it at least has to be passable.

I tried to be a collector for awhile, but realized there was no market where I lived and gave that up. Currently I have an NES, SNES, GameBoy/GameBoy Colour/GameBoy Advance SP, DS, a 360, and of course my lovely gaming PC. ^_^

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It's still Destructoid's 5th, and even though I had to bail on my recapping duties for tonight (Thanks Bey! <3) I wanted to do a short blog with a few video links.



Sorry for just the links, but there doesn't seem to be any way to embed them

That's what made me aware of Destructoid. At the time I was just farting around the tubes, and the only community I was involved with was ScrewAttack. And nothing against SA but my heart wasn't in that, I just really liked their videos and podcast and saying so was about if for my community contributions.

I actually started reading all three sites from that show (Joystiq, Kotaku, and Destructoid). It's funny to see the style of each site's rep compared to the site they represented. Only Destructoid held my interest enough to keep reading though.

Shortly after starting on the site I discovered RetroforceGO which... well it got me through a very tough summer, and I don't think I ever properly thanked everyone from the show for that. A few months later I went to E 4 All and while too nervous to say hi to anybody I recognized, I had seen enough and actually signed up.

It's been an amazing three and a half years for me, and through it all I wouldn't trade this site, the community, and my experiences with it for anything. Thank you for being cool people that I can feel comfortable talking about video games to. <3

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