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SteamID & XBL Gamertag: ScottyGrayskull


Hello! <3

Bit about me. I've been a gamer for the most of my life. When I was seven and waiting for my parents to pick me up from piano lessons, the teacher's two sons showed me Super Mario Bros 2. Needless to say I never learned to play the piano very well...

I've flip-flopped several times between consoles and PCs. I generally love non-generic FPS games, puzzlers (Tetris is probably my favourite game of all time) and platformers of all shapes and sizes. I tolerate RPGs, but usually don't bother because I just don't have the time to invest in them.

I'm one of those freaks that regard FF7 and Ocarina of Time as merely average. That might be partly because I'm biased against the first round of 3D games that generally looked and played like crap compared to the 2d games at the time (during that generation I was a PC gamer, where they actually could do decent 3D at the time). By no means are they bad games, but plenty of games have done just as well and actually looked good in the process.

Yeah yeah, graphics aren't everything. But as important as gameplay is, looks still matter. It doesn't have to be the best looking thing around, but it at least has to be passable.

I tried to be a collector for awhile, but realized there was no market where I lived and gave that up. Currently I have an NES, SNES, GameBoy/GameBoy Colour/GameBoy Advance SP, DS, a 360, and of course my lovely gaming PC. ^_^

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Hello everybody, itís your friendly neighborhood ScottyG here! Been playing quite a few games so far in 2011 (instead of getting a job, lol having little money) and I thought Iíd tell you what I thought about them. Itís going to be mostly positive, as the joy of having limited funds is you make sure the limited games you buy are good, and you sure as heck make sure you get as much out of them as possible. Theyíre listed in the order I beat them in, but this in no way represents the order Iíd recommend them as Ghost Trick would top the list by far. Read on to see what I thought.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Iíve always had a love for the Layton Games. That classic Adventure/Puzzle charm, with excellent characters and story. Iíve bought all three day one, but I took a long break with this one. Finally finishing it in January I was as usual blown away by the twist and conclusion, as well as the puzzles which were as entertaining and... puzzling as ever, but with this one there were some things that bugged me. Most of them would involve spoilers, but the most immediate and bothersome for me is how the game treats Flora, basically as an air-headed burden on the Doctor and Luke. Definitely not the naive sheltered girl I always thought of her as.

If you are okay with spoilers however, PekoponTAS has written up some very good thoughts on how the story and twist was handled in this installment. Itís a real shame some of these points exist too, as I thought the insights into Laytonís past and the advancement of his and Lukeís relationship was brilliantly handled.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Seems to be an unpopular opinion, but the only portable Zelda Iíve really enjoyed was Linkís Awakening. Seemingly one of the last Zeldas to not rely on any sort of gimmick to drive it. Just a well built world with brilliant dungeons and monsters, and stellar music. Unlike many people I - aside from the Temple of the Ocean King of course - really liked Phantom Hourglass so when Naia was looking to get rid of her copy of Spirit Tracks for cheap I picked it up.

While I liked the on-foot sections a lot, travelling around by train was a huge pain and frankly boring. You were very limited in the paths you could take, and there were way too many obstacles that were just not fun to deal with. This might not have been a problem, but it seemed like the vast majority of the game was spent in your train. Bit late to the game with this one, but if youíre hankering for a Zelda thereís far better ones to spend your money on.


The first time I played Bayonetta I wasnít impressed. I mean, of course I was impressed by the visual style and just how bat-shit crazy everything was. Who wouldnít be. But when I played the demo and then again at PAX all I thought of was Devil May Cry, which is a style of game Iíve never liked. Just seemed to rely too much on combo memorization for my liking.

Then I started reading/listening to game of the year deliberations, and Bayonetta was mentioned a lot. Darksiders as well, which was another game I missed out on. This got me wanting to play both of them, and the amazing Lelio was gracious enough to loan me both games. Havenít gotten around to Darksiders yet, but Iím very happy that I gave Bayonetta another shot. The game is absolutely brilliant, and even more bat-shit crazy than my limited playtime let on! The fighting system is very simple to pick up and get good with, but still deep enough to allow for a plethora of options to help you slaughter the servants of heaven.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Iíve always been a sucker for a good adventure game, having grew up with so many classic Sierra and Lucasarts titles. This goes doubly so for anything really well animated. Both of these are things Ghost Trick excels at. The graphics, animation and music make for an incredible style that completely draws you in.

If havenít heard much about this game (which is likely, given how little Capcom seemed to promote it), you start the game off dead and have a scant three abilities. You can ďGhostĒ to various items in your immediate vicinity (or through phone lines), ďTrickĒ to manipulate them in some way, and (if you come across a recently deceased person) go back in time to four minutes before their death. The gameís story takes place over one night, and you must use these three powers to solve the mystery behind your own death before dawn.

Iíve always been facinated with the idea of what seemingly random people are doing at a particular moment, and how it can all connect together even in the slightest of ways. Iíve actually tried to come up with scenario/story designs to fit that. The story in this game is the closest Iíve ever seen for that, constantly whisking you back and forth around town, meeting all sorts of interesting characters and learning of the ties that bring them all together. Everything comes together in an ending that will just blow you away.

I implore you, if you are at all considering this game pick it up now. Itís getting pretty hard to find in retail stores, and Capcom needs to know that this game didnít sell too well because they didnít promote it enough, not because itís a bad game! There is also news of an iOS version coming soon, which would be amazing. As you can see from the trailer above, the graphics would look great on an iPad. :)
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