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8:44 PM on 04.27.2011

[Aaaamazing] FRAGILE DREAMS: A Misunderstood Masterpiece, no spoilers

Notice the low critics' score, but the high user score

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, is one of the most amazing video games I have ever played, and it was one I nearly missed. From the moment I first saw footage of the game I was enticed. I'm an unemployed college student at the moment which means my gaming budget is very limited, and I make precautions to make sure I don't regret buying a game because once my budget runs out, that it's. Fragile received an overwhelming influx of negative reviews, so I had decided to skip the game. January of this year I received an email price alert that Fragile had dropped down to twenty dollars. I still wanted to play the game, so I decided to take the risk. I wasn't expecting to be wowed, I was expecting a mediocre experience. I thought that I would regret buying the game, and that my money would be better spent elsewhere. I was almost immediately proven wrong.

From the moment I opened the game I knew it was special. It came with a reversible cover, the North American cover on the front and the Japanese cover on the back. The booklet was in full color and was decorated in a unique and appealing manner, it contained some back story and elaborated on character personalities in the bio section. This quality of booklet has become a rarity in modern gaming.

When I started the game up I was greeted by a stunning start up screen that was playing beautiful music, and I was given the option to play the game using the original Japanese voice acting (which greatly improved the game).

Ultimately the bad reviews aided in my enjoyment of the game. When I was playing the game I was expecting the worst, I was expecting a clunky game with awful controls, and a bad story. Since I had already anticipated the bad to an extreme level it cushioned the blow when I reached an area of frustration. Fragile Dreams is actually very polished it's just that some of the design choices the developers made rendered the gameplay to be tedious and boring at times.

I actually enjoyed the controls, the game ran silky smooth, and the combat although bare bones (a single three to five hit attack combo) felt oddly satisfying in a way. I didn't feel the menu to be clunky like many had reported, it could have been better streamlined, but I've experienced far worse. Critics disliked the story, but that was the major draw to me. All of the games issues fall underneath one umbrella, It was a game built on survivor horror mechanics, that was not scary. Survival horror games often have small inventory screens, like this game did. The problem is that you are constantly collecting items so every ten minutes you have to stop what you're doing to readjust your inventory. The game is not scary, you fight the same handful of enemies repeatedly some of which are laughable like pigeons and dogs. I don't want to paint a rosy picture that this game is perfect, some of the negative criticisms are warranted, but sometimes gameplay is not the most important component of a game. Costume Quest is my favorite PSN game, even though the turn-based battle system was very primitive, the overall charm made up for it. From a strictly gameplay perspective Shadow of the Colossus wasn't flawless, the camera became uncontrollable at times, the frame rate would drop severely when too much action was happening on onscreen, timing jumps could become a frustrating and tedious process, but despite its faults many were able to look past it's nuisances and enjoy the game for it was, a beautiful and tragic game with a deeper meaning. I consider this game to be in the same vain, although twenty percent of the game was a chore, the remainder of the game more than made up for it.

Fragile is an accurate title for this game because it's delicate, this is the kind of game that you have to play slowly and savor. In order to fully appreciate the game you have to be able to empathize with the characters. What made this game an experience like no other was the scenery and trinkets Seto picked up along the way. That ranged anywhere between toy cars, dog collars, and wedding rings. Whenever I reached a new area I would thoroughly examine every corner to discover lost items, and read the graffiti and cries for help written on the walls. The items you picked up would reveal a story when opened in front of a fire. These stories are what I consider the main attraction. If you did not search for them then you missed out on what made this game great. The stories varied greatly within each other some were short and comedic while others were long and poetic, each being told from a different perspective of various age groups of not only people, but animals as well. This is where the Japanese voice acting really shined, the actors did a phenomenal job at capturing emotion. If you used the English dub, then you got a different experience. Although the English dub was not awful the actors weren't as convincing with their performances, if I had played the entire game using the English voice actors I would not have been as heavily immersed in Fragile's universe. I think many of the people who disliked the game played it with the dub.

The art direction in this game is stunning. I must have looked at Sai's character model a hundred times, and I never got sick of it. From an artistic standpoint this is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played.

I, like most males have always had difficulty expressing myself emotionally. It has to do with the way I've been socialized to never show weakness, because it's unattractive to the opposite sex, and that would conflict with my human need of romantic companionship. Whenever I've faced extreme emotional pain, I've done my best to mask my battle with adversity. When my girlfriend of four years cheated on me my reaction was a laugh and a shrug, I pushed my true feelings into the deepest crevice of mind hoping that they would dissipate with time. I've been doing my best to reverse these effects of socialization, tears are toxic and they are suppose to be released, holding them back is akin to holding back vomit.

One of the items I had picked up revealed a story, (this might be considered a *mini-spoiler* to some, it's not a part of the main storyline though, and it's possible for someone to beat the game without discovering this story. Skip to the next paragraph if that kind of thing bothers you).

The story was one of a homeless girl who had suffered neglect and abuse with no one to turn to for human comfort. She had come across a corpse in an alley. She recognized the dead body, it was of a wealthy girl she had jealously observed from a distance. She took some twisted enjoyment that this girl who had come from a loving affluent family was now dead, and at the same time felt horrible grief for this person she barely knew. She then proceeded by stripping the clothes from her carcase, so she could impersonate the deceased. The dead girl's mother was terribly sick and was suffering of faulty vision and hearing, so she was able to pull it off successfully. The family servants played along with her act. The entire time that this was happening the homeless girl's internal monologue was narrating the immense guilt, and hatred towards herself that was wrestling with her sanity for committing such a putrid and deceitful act. She wanted to stop herself and confess, but she couldn't bear to have the mother be abandoned by her daughter for a second time. All she wanted was to love someone and have them love her in return.

*mini-spoiler* end

It was at that moment that the game had reached me in a way that no other form of media had managed to do before. I felt a frozen dagger pierce my heart with fiery intensity. I thought about how many people in the world were afflicted with similar emotions and would go to extreme lengths to remedy them. The empathy was overwhelming. I felt a warm tear inch itself out of my right eyelid, and then another from my left. Only a a few came out somewhere between two to six. I handled it the same way Seto did I let my tears finish, I raised my hand and gently used the tip of my knuckle to wipe away the small puddle that had formed, I then sniveled, and lifted my wii-remote, pointed it at the sensor bar, and proceeded onto my next destination.

When I'm playing Uncharted I don't feel like Nathan Drake, When I'm play Galaxy I don't feel like Mario, Instead I feel like some omniscient character that's performing puppetry backstage. When I was playing Fragile I was Seto and Seto was me, our emotions were in tandem. The fear of not knowing what was lurking around the next dark corner, the quite sadness that permeated our hearts that was slowly burrowing itself beneath our skin. The warm comforting glow of the fireplace where we had decided to take a rest. I've felt connections with characters before, I've laughed, been upset, and gotten angry, but I never experienced complex emotions or empathy as deeply before, this game managed to capture the more subtle emotions like loneliness and disappointment.

I'm not trying to sound pretentious, nor am I mad at the reviewers that didn't appreciate the game to the extent that I did. Some people just didn't make the same connection with the game that I did, and I can't fault them for that. I remember watching an interview with Park Chan-Woo (watch: I'm a Cyborg, Old boy & Thirst) and he was asked about one of his films that had been critically panned, he responded by saying that he felt sympathy for that film. He didn't consider it to be bad, he wasn't entirely sure why that particular film was received negatively while many of his other films were praised. He compared the situation to having daughters, two of them got happily married, but the third daughter is stuck in loveless relationship with her husband. Instead of being upset with her your filed with sadness, you spent all that time raising someone beautiful that you were proud of, but she wasn't appreciated like you felt she deserved. You have no regrets with the way she turned out, you just wish someone else would love her the same way you did. That's how I feel about this game. I don't exactly know where everything went wrong. This game has it's fault, but I didn't find them to be anymore extreme then the faults I found in Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, or the PS2 version of Psychoanauts. Gamers as a whole were able to look past these minor blemishes and enjoy these games for the true beauties that they are, why couldn't they with this one?


Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon you were one of the most beautiful, amazing, and touching video games I've ever played. I just wish that more people appreciated you and you wouldn't have to sink into obscurity.



As the moonlight casts long shadows,
I take a hold of your hands.

I open a door, searching for a dream
once swallowed by darkness.

Soon the skies will clear, I thought I felt it
pass by in front of my eyes.

Remembering the warmth of your hands
I call your name.
In this uncertain world, you stood firm with me.

The rain murmurs softly
as it soaks the earth.

Lured into a deep slumber
I dreamt of life, a dream I never woke from.

The break of dawn pulls on my hand
taking with it all my memories.

We all speak of love, leaving behind
tales of our struggles, in hopes to be remembered.
Never forgotten.

Soon the skies will clear.
I can see how far it stretches above me.

Remembering the warmth of your hands,
I call your name.
In this uncertain world, you stood firm with me.


11:09 PM on 04.16.2011

3DS games that need to be made Pt. II: The sequel, a List of non-suckage

One of the most exciting things about new tech is pondering what new possibilities lie in its future. The DS is my favorite gaming device and I look forward to the future years of gaming that I will spend with the 3DS. I've compiled a list of games that would benefit from the 3DS's ability to produce stereoscopic 3D. To keep this list from being redundant and mammoth sized I will not mention games that are almost guaranteed to be developed for the 3DS sometime in it's life span (Castlevania, Advance Wars, Wario Ware, Mario & Luigi Rpg, etc.) Games that have little chance of getting made for the 3DS (ilomilo, Earthbound) and rumored games (F-Zero, Luigi's Mansion 2, Pikmin, Vanillaware game) If you have not read Part I feel free to go read it.

Super Meat Boy & Retro City Rampage

Ever since Super Meat Boy was canceled for WiiWare there's been a hole in my heart that only that delightful squared glob of meat named “Meat Boy” can fill. Team Meat said they were contemplating releasing SMB for the 3DS I hope it happens, rumors have been circulating that the file size for 3DSWare are larger than WiiWare's, let's hope that's true.

I think Retro City Rampage would be perfect for the 3DS. Top down GTA is meant to be played in spurts to 5 minutes to a few hours, and having the game as a downloadable title for a portable would mean that you can jump into it any place at any time, I would very much enjoydoing some portable retro rampaging.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3-D

Yes, I know the console version will always be superior, but there is an audience for portable fighters. SSF4 3D has been doing well I would love to have a portable MVC 3.

One thing that bothered me about MvC3 is that the characters look like they are sculpted from polymer clay (Holmes didn't like this either). If they ported it to the 3DS they could mess around with the graphics a bit and make it look more like a comic book.

Grand Theft Auto

I've always wanted to play a GTA game that looked like the cover art. China Town Wars gave me a glimpse of what that was like and I loved it. The GTA series has been progressively getting more realistic and I would like a return to its former absurd arcade like glory. I can't go on killing sprees when the characters look real, it bothers me too much. When they were low polygon puppets or it was top down view it was fine, but now that the pedestrians look like real humans. I can't enjoy the same insane gory rampages I use to because my conscious bombards me with guilt (yes, I know they aren't real, and it's just a video game)

Basically my dream GTA game is Vice City meets China Town Wars. I want to be able to design my own gang logos & tattoos with the stylus, and be able to slap it up as graffiti and gang jackets. I want that awesome electronic music from CTW to return and some chip tune music too. I want crazy weapons it's crap that you can't hold the rocket launcher and flame thrower at the same time (those are the best weapons) I use to be able to in GTA 2 &3. Their were rumors that GTA 4 would star a female lead and I liked that idea. Rockstar has done a good job at developing off beat characters, I think a story of a women climbing the organized crime ladder would be a refreshing and original story for videogames.

Shin Megami Tensei: Ports

Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga, Devil Summoner etc. They go re-releasing P3 like crazy and re-release Devil Survivor Overclocked with minor improvements while the 3DS is backwards compatible. These re-releases aren't necessarily a bad thing in fact I actually like these re-releases, but I feel that the other games in the series are more deserving of re-releases. For instance Devil Summoner is hard to find and goes for high prices. If they re-release games they should do it to the ones that are hard to find or never made it out of Japan. Most of theses games were released for the PS2 after most people had migrated to the next generation of consoles, so if they re-release them these gems can reach a whole new audience.

I said re-release so many times I want to throw up

Solution: release the games that don't need any tweaking on PSN & XBLA and release the games that could use some adjustment or additional features on either the 3DS,NGP PS3 etc. Whichever platform that specific game would work best on. This would make many many people happy

Rhythm Tengoku

I played Rhythm Tengoku Arcade and it was amazing. I was plucking hairs off of Onion faces and all sorts of crazy stuff. Import copies for the GBA cart are going for about $100, which is pretty steep. It'd be nice if they released this for the 3DS's Vcon. [ I know GBA games haven't been announced for Vcon yet, but I'm positive they'll come out in the future some time] When Sin and Punishmet was released outside of Japan it did so well that they developed a sequel., just sayin..... also Rhythm Heaven 3DS please

Platinum Games

Platinum makes the games I like to play, I'd like to see them develop something for the 3DS.

It's as simple as that.

Telltale games

Telltale released some stuff on WiiWare, but they like most other developers had a sour experience due to it's restrictions. 3DSWare is suppose to greatly improve in this area so hopefully that means telltale is going to be able to get their games on there without having to fight glitches and do major compressions. Adventure games play great with a touch screen so this would be a perfect fit. I'm still waiting for Puzzle Agent to hit WiiWare (it's probably been canned) a 3DS release would be very welcome.

888: Eight Persons, Eight Tacos, Eight Boars

If you haven't played 999 yet quit reading this now, jump out your window, punch an old lady in the face, and run to your nearest game store and buy it. Then lock yourself in a hallowed out refrigerator until you complete this game, then come back to finish reading this list. If you played this game you'll understand why I want Chunsoft to do another Visual Novel/ Puzzle Game.

Also 428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de has gotten a lot of positive buzz it's 1 of 15 games that Famitsu
has given a perfect score. I'd like to get my hands on that game in some form Chunsoft, so North American release? Please..

Donkey Kong 64 3D

Yes another N64 port, I for one am enjoying these because I never had an N64. I wanted one badly, but it was much to expensive for me to afford when I was a kid. Two of my closest friends have excitedly confessed to me on numerous occasions that Donkey Kong 64 is one of the best games ever made. 3D platformers are one of my favorite genres so I really hope this one happens. Rare can still develop for Nintendo Handhelds (Diddy Kong Racing DS) this game hasn't been released on Vcon yet (due to some issues with one of the mini-games). 3D platformers seem to be benefiting the most from stereoscopic 3D, so this game needs to be remade.

Sonic Colors 2

Sonic Colors Wii is the best Sonic game I've ever played, It was great. The game has some intensely layered backgrounds that would really pop in 3D (just look at that screenshot dahhmmnn). The music was great, graphics were gorgeous, and the gameplay was intense, but the game wasn't perfect. Although most people liked it some hated it and I can see why. The game would slow down at times and when that happened the game became incredibly boring and frustrating. Half the powers slowed you down so I wouldn't always use them. When you're going mach 5 on giant loops and rails and then have to hit a switch and wait 5 seconds (which is an eternity in sonic time) for a platform to go down it ruins the experience because the momentum of speed is gone.

I'll use Uncharted as an example Uncharted 1 was a good game, but it was kinda boring. With Uncharted 2 they just tweaked a few things around and expanded the game. It took what was a good game and turned it into a “holy sh*t this game is so f*cking amazing I have to tell everyone I know how great it is” Most of the stuff in Sonic Colors was good if they took out the few bad things, smoothed some things out and made sure you never lost momentum of speed then we can can all put on paper hats and bake cookies to declare that Sonic has returned to his former glory.

Also the multiplayer was surprisingly good, I'd like to see them develop it further.


This isn't a game, it's a software program that transforms 2D images into 3D. It's not quite like Cel-shading this looks different. There's usually a weird jump between 2D images and 3D rendered models. (for instance in the new Haruhi game the characters look a bit plasticy). Below is a Live2D example of Kirno from everyone's favorite anime about little sisters.

Imagining that in stereoscopic 3D = Mind blown, I really hope this tech catches on it looks so amazing


Grim Fandango

This game came out in 88 (it's older than me I was born in 91) and is considered a Classic, but many people have not played it. I have not finished this game for 2 reasons. First being that since it's so old I was having trouble getting it to run on my PC, it usually freezes up every 15-20 minutes. Second I suck hard at adventure games so I was struggling alot and shamelessly had to constantly be looking stuff up otherwise I never would have figured it out. Some updated graphics and a new hint system to make it easier for people that suck like me would make people remember why this game was so praised to begin with.

Monkey Island got the update treatment it's about time Grim Fandango got an update too, so I can finally make it through this wonderful game

So we've reached the end of this list, thank you for reading it, I hope you got some form of enjoyment out of it. Whether it be some laughter, insight, confusion, fear, a boner

Let me know if you thought my list was worthy of the moniker of non-suckage, or if you thought it was such a piece of garbage that you want to come to my house and beat me up.   read

9:45 PM on 03.28.2011

3DS games that need to be made: Part 1 [This list does not suck]

I'm trying to keep this post from being too long so I won't mention games that are pretty much guaranteed to come sometime in the 3DS's life span so no mention of Kirby, Mario, WarioWare, Pokemon, Mario & Luigi RPG, Advance Wars, Zelda etc. Also I'm trying to keep this list somewhat plausible so I won't be mentioning something like Geometry Wars (studio no longer exist) which would have made a great 3DS game or game series revivals that stand little chances of happening.


I don't need to say anything, just watch this Trailer


Metroid: Dread

The direct sequel to Metroid Fusion (my favorite of all the Metroid games). It's been 7 Years since the last 2D Metroid game(Zero Mission) was made. I'm starved for new Metroid I need a new 2D Metroid really bad. Although the Prime series is amazing I'd like to play a classic sprite based Metroid right now. Either finish Dread, do that rumored remake of Return of Samus or make a new game, and for the love of all that is holy do not get Team Ninja involved.

Klonoa 3

I love the Klonoa series and It needs more games. Klonoa is the king of 2.5D, I haven't seen any other other game use 2.5D as uniquely as Klonoa does. I'd like a sequel or a remake of Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. This series puts an emphasis on layering the background to create a massive depth of field, which is perfect for the 3DS because 3D is suppose to highlight depth of field.

Pix'n Love Rush

This games art direction is heavily inspired by the Game & Watch, Game boy, and Virtual Boy, So it's a perfect fit for a Nintendo handheld, seeing as that is were the inspiration was drawn from.

The red levels would look awesome cause it'll be like a virtual boy game because it's all red and in 3D

This game iscoming to PSN if they just took the PSN version added 3D layering and released it on 3DSWare, I would be very very happy

Orignal Double Fine game & Psychonauts 3D

I'll buy anything these guys and gals make, they've already convinced me that I need a Sesame Street Kinect game (never in a million years would I have thought that would happen). I'm sure anything they make for 3DS would get my attention. An original game would be awesome or a re-release of Psychonauts would be amazing too, I will take any excuse to visit Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp again.

Persona 4 Portable: P4P

I know they said they wouldn't re-release this game, but come on they totally should. I personally prefer playing RPG's on portables because it makes them easier to beat when I can play them in short burst. I initially thought they were bluffing when they said they wouldn't re-release P4, so I still haven't played P4. The 3DS would be great for this game, it would give fans an excuse to replay it and might convince newcomers to jump in. P3P was well received I think P4P would be well received too..

Big Bang Mini 2

Big Bang Mini was great, the explosions, bright colors, and enemies would really pop in 3D. If you played Big Bang Mini I'm sure you can imagine how great this game would look in 3D. Plus this game came with an amazing lenticular cover.

Tony Hawk

Although the Tony Hawk games have been struggling ever since they started being made for the HD consoles. The first three DS Tony Hawk games were fantastic. Praised by critics and fans alike. Not only were they good, but they added alot of great stuff to the series like adding your own sound effects via the Mic, drawing your own clothes & skate decks, and being able to share this stuff online. at the time it was one of the best user created sharing games. I think the Tony Hawk franchise could still be relevant if they continue it on the 3DS and brought back the team that made the first three DS games. It's important that they bring back the same team though Tony Hawk's Motion was a disaster. The 3DS has a slider pad which will feel significantly better than the DS's D-pad and with the added horsepower they can have better graphics and have more than 15 songs.

Suda 51/Grasshopper Studios

Suda & his team at Grasshopper make some pretty bizarre games, the more bat sh*t crazy a game is the more I like it. I will pretty much buy anything they make. Suda has already expressed his interest in the 3DS hopefully it isn't to long until we something announced.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA the 3rd

Kinda torn on this one though it is probably best that this goes on NGP because this game will not get a release outside of Japan and 3DS is region locked while the NGP is probably region free, and the Triangle X, Square, and O are easier to Identify than X,Y,B,A. The sure amazingness of having a 3D Miku in my hand is not something I can ignore. This one probably wont happen as I'm asking a Japanese PSP exclusive to come to an American 3DS, but if it did I would probably go blind from the marathon sessions I had in this game.

World Ends With You-ish game

As much as I love Kingdom Hearts I am getting somewhat tired of the series. I thought the World Ends with You was fantastic and would like the to see more original projects from the Kingdom Hearts team. I think even the most dedicated KH fans could use a break. If the team keeps working on KH non stop they might begin to lose passion in the series. The KH Team is incredibly talented I would love to see them create a new game that wasn't Kingdom Hearts.

*I am aware of the spelling and grammar errors, but after spending hours editing & revising the text, and resizing pictures I just wanted to post it now, I've been working on this thing all day.   read

12:54 PM on 03.04.2011

The case for Star Fox Wii: Retro Studios

I've casually mentioned this 2 or 3 times before in the D-toid comment section, but I haven't really elaborated on it so here it is. My Contentions on why I think Retro Studios should develop the next Star Fox game, and why I think it should be released for the Wii.

Why Wii?

Back when Nintendo Revealed the Wii and it was codenamed Revolution, three games hit me immediately as perfect candidates. Pikmin 3, Luigi's Mansion 2, and Star Fox. [yet none of them have been made yet :( ]

I think that IR pointer controls would be really great in this game. The battles would be a little more intense, aiming would be more fluid, and motion controlled barrel rolls sounds so F*cking awesome.

A whole slew of new possibilities comes up, you can have special missiles that after you shot them you guide them with motion controls, WM+ support, optional inverted motion and IR controls, Co-Op, etc. So much potential, and Retro has done a great job in the past at adding new mechanics to games while staying faithful to the original design.

I know purist would be turned off by the new controls, but for them you could include GameCube and Classic Controller support, so everyone would be happy

There hasn't been a proper Star Fox Game since 64

Star Fox Adventures: originally a different game "Dinosaur Planet" then added Star Fox characters later

Star Fox Assault: Universally marked as disappointing due to on-foot missions

Star Fox Command: Not bad and it was fun, but it didn't quite scratch that Star Fox itch

Star Fox 64 3D seems to be the only game that has been getting fans excited, but fans don't just want a remake they want an all new Star Fox game too.

Nintendo doesn't know what they're doing with Star Fox

This isn't a cheap Jab at Nintendo or anything, but I think even they would admit they don't really know where they are going with Star Fox. Let's use Metroid as an example. Retro was only suppose to make one Metroid game, then Nintendo told them to make a sequel and after Echoes they were suppose to move onto Donkey Kong, but Nintendo had them do Corruption instead because Kensuke Tanabe said, "We wanted to depend on Retro to make games we couldn't [in Japan]." In other words they didn't quite understand the series and felt Retro should continue it.

Regardless if you liked Other M or not the fact is that many fans disliked it even though a Majority loved the Prime series. Hunters wasn't very good either (in my opinion) sure the graphics and controls were impressive, but it didn't capture the atmosphere that makes Metroid games great.

Like I Mentioned in the list above Star Fox hasn't gotten his proper sequel, Nintendo doesn't seem to understand where they're heading with the Star Fox franchise, and they could use someone's help to get the series back on track.

Retro Get's it

I never thought that Metroid would translate well into a FPS, but it did. When I played Prime it felt new and fresh, but it still had that distinct Metroid feel. Prime did for Metroid what Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time did for Mario and Zelda. I could go on and on on why Retro did such a great job handling the Metroid franchise, but I'll just leave it at this.

They just get it

Same thing with Donkey Kong Country Returns an overwhelming majority of people really liked that game, it kept the old intact, but still managed to add alot of new ideas. We know that Chad and Holmes loved it.

Retro Studios will no longer be "Metroid Studios"

Retro has said in the past that although they love Metroid they don't want to be known as the "Metroid Studio" which is understandable no studio wants to be known for a single game franchise no matter how good it is, and with a name like Retro they can't really make an original IP (although I would love to see one, and would fully support them). I can see Retro doing a great job at resurrecting such classics like Punch-Out, Kid Icarus, Ice climbers, etc. but I think Star Fox would suit them best.

It would be nice to see them tackle a franchise Nintendo has been struggling to understand. Right now Retro is known as the Metroid studio that made a Donkey Kong game if the made Star Fox they would start being known as the studio that does a great job at resurrecting Nintendo Classics, Which I think is what they are aiming for.

Retro Made Prime which is a "serious" title, and they made DKCR which is a "Fun Spirited" title. Star Fox falls somewhere in the middle and I think Retro would do a great job if they were to develop the next entry in the series, I really think Star Fox and Retro Studios are perfect for each other.

Come on Nintendo Make it Happen

[I got all these images through google search and do not intend to take credit for them if you are the owner of one the images let me know if you would like to be given credit or have it removed]   read

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