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Scissors avatar 12:54 PM on 03.04.2011  (server time)
The case for Star Fox Wii: Retro Studios

I've casually mentioned this 2 or 3 times before in the D-toid comment section, but I haven't really elaborated on it so here it is. My Contentions on why I think Retro Studios should develop the next Star Fox game, and why I think it should be released for the Wii.

Why Wii?

Back when Nintendo Revealed the Wii and it was codenamed Revolution, three games hit me immediately as perfect candidates. Pikmin 3, Luigi's Mansion 2, and Star Fox. [yet none of them have been made yet :( ]

I think that IR pointer controls would be really great in this game. The battles would be a little more intense, aiming would be more fluid, and motion controlled barrel rolls sounds so F*cking awesome.

A whole slew of new possibilities comes up, you can have special missiles that after you shot them you guide them with motion controls, WM+ support, optional inverted motion and IR controls, Co-Op, etc. So much potential, and Retro has done a great job in the past at adding new mechanics to games while staying faithful to the original design.

I know purist would be turned off by the new controls, but for them you could include GameCube and Classic Controller support, so everyone would be happy

There hasn't been a proper Star Fox Game since 64

Star Fox Adventures: originally a different game "Dinosaur Planet" then added Star Fox characters later

Star Fox Assault: Universally marked as disappointing due to on-foot missions

Star Fox Command: Not bad and it was fun, but it didn't quite scratch that Star Fox itch

Star Fox 64 3D seems to be the only game that has been getting fans excited, but fans don't just want a remake they want an all new Star Fox game too.

Nintendo doesn't know what they're doing with Star Fox

This isn't a cheap Jab at Nintendo or anything, but I think even they would admit they don't really know where they are going with Star Fox. Let's use Metroid as an example. Retro was only suppose to make one Metroid game, then Nintendo told them to make a sequel and after Echoes they were suppose to move onto Donkey Kong, but Nintendo had them do Corruption instead because Kensuke Tanabe said, "We wanted to depend on Retro to make games we couldn't [in Japan]." In other words they didn't quite understand the series and felt Retro should continue it.

Regardless if you liked Other M or not the fact is that many fans disliked it even though a Majority loved the Prime series. Hunters wasn't very good either (in my opinion) sure the graphics and controls were impressive, but it didn't capture the atmosphere that makes Metroid games great.

Like I Mentioned in the list above Star Fox hasn't gotten his proper sequel, Nintendo doesn't seem to understand where they're heading with the Star Fox franchise, and they could use someone's help to get the series back on track.

Retro Get's it

I never thought that Metroid would translate well into a FPS, but it did. When I played Prime it felt new and fresh, but it still had that distinct Metroid feel. Prime did for Metroid what Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time did for Mario and Zelda. I could go on and on on why Retro did such a great job handling the Metroid franchise, but I'll just leave it at this.

They just get it

Same thing with Donkey Kong Country Returns an overwhelming majority of people really liked that game, it kept the old intact, but still managed to add alot of new ideas. We know that Chad and Holmes loved it.

Retro Studios will no longer be "Metroid Studios"

Retro has said in the past that although they love Metroid they don't want to be known as the "Metroid Studio" which is understandable no studio wants to be known for a single game franchise no matter how good it is, and with a name like Retro they can't really make an original IP (although I would love to see one, and would fully support them). I can see Retro doing a great job at resurrecting such classics like Punch-Out, Kid Icarus, Ice climbers, etc. but I think Star Fox would suit them best.

It would be nice to see them tackle a franchise Nintendo has been struggling to understand. Right now Retro is known as the Metroid studio that made a Donkey Kong game if the made Star Fox they would start being known as the studio that does a great job at resurrecting Nintendo Classics, Which I think is what they are aiming for.

Retro Made Prime which is a "serious" title, and they made DKCR which is a "Fun Spirited" title. Star Fox falls somewhere in the middle and I think Retro would do a great job if they were to develop the next entry in the series, I really think Star Fox and Retro Studios are perfect for each other.

Come on Nintendo Make it Happen

[I got all these images through google search and do not intend to take credit for them if you are the owner of one the images let me know if you would like to be given credit or have it removed]

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