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Scary Granules Episode 9: Little Kebab Shop of Horrors

by Scary Granules   //   11:08 AM on 02.16.2013

Who needs a family and a social life? Not us, we’ve got video games and kebabs!!
I take it back, I need you….I want you…come back!

Oh dear those sentences will never not reek of bleak! Oh nice rhyme.


This week we delve into Aliens Colonial Marines and discuss the co-op sessions that Glowbear and Panza have done together. That sounds more sordid than it was meant. We moan and groan about the many now known cons of the game and ponder on what could have been, what was before and what never came to light.

Panza really wants that old Alien game from the 1600’s to be spruced up and come out. Glowbear agrees but would also be grateful for any decent Aliens game.

We’re not hard to please and either must you lovely folk, listening to our podcasts every week!

We also talk about franchises that should be stopped or take a break, you know like Rachel and Ross…because NO ONE ELSE EVER TOOK A BREAK IN A RELATIONSHIP!

Mainly we focus on games that have direct sequels or the whole shebang that ensues when a game is supposedly coming to a climactic ending, wrapping up the stories it began with the first installment…only to then lie to our faces and add the next number up to it’s generic shelf cover.

Why lie to us, when we love you so hard and so good?

Tangents happen, thoughts are thunk, spokes are spunked and all in all, it’s a pretty fun episode. So why on earth are you just sitting there attending to your newborns feeding needs or paying those silly bills?

So download, listen and drop us some feedback or tips on how to consume kebabs without being engulfed in the shame that accompanies it.

Scary Granules Episode 9: Little Kebab Shop of Horrors can be found at the following:

DOWNLOAD HERE – https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=EB2C3D66A70D5A46!138&authkey=!ABXVSEL4lGExHzw


Questions/abuse/mad rants about medical conditions relating to the ankle area alone, can be sent to us at:


Or alternatively talk at us directly:


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