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Scary Granules avatar 7:46 AM on 02.10.2013  (server time)
Scary Granules Episode 8: The Arthouse Special

Well an arty farty smarty to you all.

This weeks episode has us doing our usual riveting musings over what we've been up to since last time. Games, films and the occasional trips down sordid recent memory lanes occurred. Dark...dark...thoughts.

Panza discusses his recent gaming exploits and continues to hate Batman: Arkham City and recommends Zero Dark Thirty to his fembear comrade and you listeners out there.

Glowbear shows the world just how slow ass she is with more or less the same gaming on a loop but offers some quick bite snippets regarding the latest horror films she watched this week, including The Hollow and Haunting in Connecticut 2.

We also take a look at the topic of high art in games and primarily focus on the comments made by Far Cry 3 writer Jeffrey Yohalem. We also make awful, yet earnest attempts to pronounce that surname well.
We ask why can't games simply be games, adding an added depth of metaphorical anarchy in non pretentious manners and if there are even any deeper meanings to those that claim to be riddled with them.

We play a quick game of “if games were different genres”, which Panza insists that Glowbear is playing wrong. But answer me this young dolphin, how can one play the question of possibilities….wrong? Truly, as always, some riveting deep philosophical musings right there.

Scary Granules Episode 8: PretentiousCast is here folks.!137&authkey=!AAF-iM4S9rLKQ1A

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