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Scary Granules Episode 6 : The Christmas Special

by Scary Granules   //   11:20 AM on 12.22.2012

We've got a very special episode of Scary Granules for you this week; Christmas is coming, so I bet you can guess what we're talking about !

That's right - white hate, paedophilia and terrible David Bowie impersonations!

We return to the topic of horror this week with some indie games to watch out for, the War Z controversy comes up, we run through our top games of 2012, and we talk about the only Christmas game either of us has played, EVER.

Because we're just that Christmasy.

All jokes aside (well, most of them anyway) we'd both like to thank everyone who's contributed to the show, everybody who listens, and those special individuals who stop us in the street to pelt us with inflatable dildos (it hasn't happened yet, but hey, fingers crossed we'll get that famous guys!)

...we can dream, we can dream. In the meantime expect us back sometime in the new year, saying odd things into your ears and not really making much sense - oh, and podcasting!

We'd like to leave you all with this very yuletide mental image:

...Have a lovely Christmas everybody!

Scary Granules Episode 6 - The Christmas Special

DOWNLOAD HERE - http://sdrv.ms/VfrSyc

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