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Scary Granules Episode 5 : In Which the Panties get Moist

by Scary Granules   //   9:43 AM on 12.16.2012

Welcome to Scary Granules Episode 5!

This week's show reaches fever pitch we're so excited by the approach of Christmas! ...and by fever pitch I mean sheer indifference, like the Godless heathens of podcasting we are.

In the first half of the show we do our usual 'what you bin at?' games, movies and books discussion: we talk about comics a little, saving becomes something of an issue for young Globbins, and fat Xander from Buffy pops up, now hungry for cake and desperate to star in any movie (Sci-Fi or otherwise) that'll keep him in greenbacks long enough to get that twinky I.V. hooked up.

In the second half things get a little personal, like a woman scorned Glowbo cries bitterly into her microphone about how much she loved Duke Nukem Forever and was aghast at the 'biased' reviews levelled against it. Apparently no game is complete for her without a scene in which you titty-slap a giant Alien thing. Or she might have hated it because it's a devastatingly misogynistic mess of a game that should have never seen the light of day let alone be released for retail ...it's one of the two! Not really sure, I'd kind of phased out by that point :|

But yeah, we talk a bit about games we felt let us down, never materialised or just did the loop the loop before release and ended up nothing like the game we thought we were getting!

So I hope you enjoy it!

Scary Granules Episode 5 - In Which the Panties get Moist

DOWNLOAD HERE - http://sdrv.ms/UVBMFd

Stay tuned for next week's Christmas special aswell folks, as one of our podcasters may be getting a shocking revelation about her heritage! *gasps* WHICH ONE OF US COULD IT BE????


questions/abuse/mad rants about the Imperial weights and measures system can be sent to us at:


Or alternatively talk at us directly:


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