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Scary Granules avatar 11:51 AM on 11.30.2012  (server time)
Scary Granules Episode 4 : Space Lobster

This week's episode is all about Feminist Lovecraftian Sparkles.

You're so hawt for me right?

Panza is multiple Panzas and Glowbear is sober. Seriously!

We talk about the usual, damning issues of life such as gaming, films, make some suggestions and as usual have a special topic segment lined up: This week we focus on films that have plotlines which would make no sense in real life and which would almost always lead to inprisonment and not the sexy kind.

omg stop fapping already I have feelings

We also make a brief reference to the #1reasonwhy hashtag, which isn't really a seperate topic because it deals with that seemingly never changing age-ol' aggro of sexism within the industry.

So join us this week for a lively (ahahaha), vampiric (ahahaha) loveltcrafted (seewhatIdidthere?) episode of Scary Granules.

Scary Granules Episode 4 - Space Lobster


Movie Suggestion of the Week:

Dragon Fighter

This is one of those films that is universal in it's amazingness and above all else Dean Cainess. You all want a Dean Cain film featuring Dean Cain and supported by a cast of Dean Cain, well now you have it. Only this time it's more Dean Cain than you can handle...with dragons!
Enlighten your movie experience and let Dean Cain fill your buffholes.

As always your feedback and erotic elbow pictures are welcomed.

Find us at:

[email protected]

Get in touch!

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