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Scary Granules avatar 6:44 AM on 03.30.2014  (server time)
Scary Granules Episode 25 - The Clickety Clack 25th Special!


NOW GO AWAY!!!......No wait! Stay stay. Things got a bit emotional there.

It's our 25th episode special, where apart from the usual illuminated plushie and mutilated dolphin ramblings, we also have the lovely members of Destructoid tell us what their favourite gaming moments ever, ever are. These are moments that stuck with them like chewing gum on your eyebrows. Some really touching and interesting selections, so be sure to stayed tune right the way through for that.

As for Us, ourselves and I - We tentatively look at the ho-drum Sarkeesian copyright issues that came up recently and ponder "well ok but what took the owners so long?" and we give our own thoughts on the Bullshot Bullshit that is Developers pulling a graphically Peter Molyneux on us by showing degraded quality trailers for games we were shown to be jawdropping initially.

All that and Panza's breathing, Glowbear's stuttering and some audio sync problems that might make a section of the 2nd half trippy for you guys, but go with the flow.

Scary Granules Episode 25 - The Clickety Clack 25th Special!


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