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Scary Granules avatar 7:38 AM on 01.25.2014
Scary Granules Episode 21 - France is Creepy

Do you ever wonder "why do people do the things they do?" Well we often wonder why the French (especially those with diplomatic privileges) think they can stroke our Glowbear's bare knees whilst she tries to get 5 fooking minutes of peace to herself.


Waffling about games and alike takes up Part One as usual and then my little possums, Part Two delves into the titillating world of knee-stroking, BATSHIT patent laws in the nether-verse of Candy Bruce Banner Crushes, and our slightly un-gaming related thoughts on a series of documentaries that UK's channel 4 have recently aired, which has many people divided and not in the sensual way listening to our podcast causes so many to feel!

Would you sex us? We'd sex us... if we were drunk.

Scary Granules Episode 21 - France is Creepy

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