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Scary Granules avatar 8:36 AM on 09.08.2013  (server time)
Scary Granules Episode 19 - Graceful in Bed

Dearly Departed, we are gathered here today to listen to the irreverent podcastical stylings of one Glowbear 'Sassy' Globingtons and Panza '56er, all nighter' Dolphino, fantastic podcast hosts, famed industry writers but also... graceful in bed, whatever the fuck that means.


Jokes aside, hey there *waves* 

On this episode we talk a little about Gravity, the upcoming tense spatial Sci-fi movie starring young Sandra Bullocks! It's kind of horror... ish; we talk a little about how we feel tense and atmospheric is an under-represented niche in gaming (even in the horror genre); we talk a little about Gurren Lagann, a fancy anime from thems girls and boys at Gainax; Glowbear regales us with another of her anecdotes of a life well-lived; Panza rants about gaming; and we remind everybody they should have submitted their creepypastas by now!!!

We don't really talk about games though, those are evil. Well, we do, just a... little. But it's mostly Glowbear holding down the gaming fort this week, as Panza isn't playing nowt.

We also have a movie recommendation for you this week.

Prepare to feel dirty inside and slightly ashamed.

So yeah... that's it, please be a lovely human being and listen to...

Scary Granules Episode 19 - Graceful in Bed



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