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Scary Granules avatar 12:42 PM on 08.03.2013  (server time)
Scary Granules Episode 17- The Lust of Spock

I'm not one for blowing my own horn, but I could stick a crayola between my buttcheeks and produce a better story than some of the generic shooter games have these days

- Mary J Blige, 1953

This week on Scary Granules, we discuss the importance of stories in games and how shooters seem to lack them. The why's, the who's, the eh?s!

We also inform you in the opening (because why wait) just how sensual a Star Trek character can be if you only let him in...side.

We also give our brief thoughts on the whole nonsensical madness that sprung up between shouty mc shout rude Marcus Beer and whingy mc ego ego alert Phil Fish.

All that plus recaps of what Glowbear and Panza have been playing, watching, scrubbing and moonwalking on and all you have to do is click, relax and let us do all the hard work. Oh it's so very hard!

Scary Granules Episode 17- I wandered lonely as a fishy bullet!



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