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Scary Granules avatar 7:51 AM on 07.14.2013  (server time)
Scary Granules Episode 15 - Attack of the Stevil!

Welcome to another fine, curvaceous episode of Scary Granules. This week we have a lovely guest with us, representing Wales, Valleys Style. SayShwmaetoStevil!

We talk a lot about video games this week, which is a surprise because it's not like we're a video game podcast at all.
Stevil lets us in on a game he considers his game of the year and it's not something you'd think.
Panza and Glowbear realise that they need to up their ante and barf their gaming chores of the past week or so and we learn that some games can be completed over a nice steaming pot of tea.

The wonder that is Japanese survival horror...if you were drunk and in an american teenage film made with the budget of 14.56p comes up in the second half. Delights such as this beauty (that Stevil loves so hard)

A masterpiece in cinema is given a lot of verbal jerking and rightfully so because well, with a title like Miama Connection and a cover that hosts Ninjas on Bikes and terrible mullets, I'm not sure why the Academy has neglected to give it its rightful merits!

Scary Granules Episode 15 - Attack of the Stevil!



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