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Scary Granules avatar 8:10 AM on 06.29.2013  (server time)
Scary Granules Episode 14: DeRezzed Special

aka the Thatcher Can Rap Special!

We've got a great episode lined up for you, packed with nommy content. Well not actual edible content, but if you want to lick the screen or the device you use to listen to us, we won't judge you.

Moving on.......

We hope everyone had a lovely week/weekend, the Scary Granules squad certainly did. This weeks episode has us discussing what games/films/trains we've been playing and watching.

Glowbear talks about the dreary act of making a Dear Esther Lets Play and how the game seemingly gave her hypothermia, Panza discusses his sordid pastimes and rapping happens. God help us all.

Then we focus primarily on Rezzed, an up and coming gaming convention in its second year. This year it was held in Birmingham, England (as oppose to Birmingham Kings Landing) and we got talk to to devs, interview various game designers and meet up with other gaming nutjobs like ourselves. By interview devs, we mean invade their face with our phallic fluffstick.

A previous guest Tarvu, helped us filmed a lot, so thanks to him for that. You might also hear a special little Scary Granules message from the devs behind Prison Architect.

This is Tarvu chilling on a Saturday afternoon

Glowbear wrote a review that be found yonder here and we'll link interviews when they're shiny.

All in all, balls touch balls, this weeks episode is packed, tight....real tight and we hope you enjoy it.

Scary Granules Episode 14: DeRezzed Special



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