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Scary Granules Episode 12 - Taking it up the Perry Mason

by Scary Granules   //   2:28 AM on 06.02.2013

Welcome to the premier Perry Mason fan podcast, Scary Granules!

...and oh yeah, I guess we talk about games sometimes too. I guess.

So here we are again guys, the best damn legal podcasting team in all of Destructoid; but we're not here to lawyer in your faces today guys, we're just here to talk to you about videogames, and possibly our lord and saviour, Perry H Mason (halleluh!)

(The H stands for awesome.)

And if it isn't obvious from the jokes we don't really have many videogames to talk about this week. Honestly, we haven't played anything at all. Like the tough legal professionals that we are we hate games and all that they represent.

Ok, honestly, that's probably as much mileage as I can expect to get out of the legal jokes. So anyway...

We talk about movies a little, Glowbear has apparently been on the Midnight Meat Train of late... err, wait, what did I just type?! Ew. Anyway that's a movie, that exists, and is apparently not a euphemism(?!) I don't even know anymore. Also that Star Trek film that we both done did saw.

We also have a quick natter about Knights of Sidonia, an awesome manga that has robots, giant space aliens and weird fucked-up stuff in <3

In the second half we discuss our impressions of the Xboner, and sufficed to say we're not all too impressed. We talk more generally about what we feel worked with other consoles and then debate the eternal engima that is 'what does the DS stand for in Nintendo DS?' (DUAL SCREEN DUAL SCREEN DUAL SCREEN) 

Even the eggheads at Scary Granules can't figure it out. Perhaps it's just one of those mysteries that will remained unsolved forever? (DUAL SCREEN DUAL SCREEN DUAL SCREEN)

We also answer a question from regular listener and world-renowned close-up magician Zebadiah Geronimo Platypus, who almost certainly sees himself as a younger version of the lawyer from Jurassic Park. Yep.

This has been a Scary Granules broadcast, I do hope you haven't tried to adjust your set (it won't help, since we're on the internet and not on your TV (yet.)

Scary Granules is a legal horror podcast brought to you by...

Hope you enjoy it!

Scary Granules Episode 12 - Taking it up the Perry Mason


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